Friday, 30 December 2011

Getting Started

Hello and welcome to my Brand New Blog!

Ta Daaaaa!

My name is Klara, I'm 36 years old and I'm writing this one-handedly while my baby sleeps on my lap.

Why am I writing this?

I recently set out on an adventure, an adventure of my mind - I am learning an entirely new set of skills, well new to me anyway, regarding my own thought processes. I am learning, through daily practice of whatever I choose in the moment, to shepherd my own thoughts into a collection of productive, happy, resourceful, delightful, inspired, intuitive, carefree, uplifting and free imaginings and visions.

About five weeks ago I was somebody who suffered from SAD, a condition which meant I not only dreaded winter but suffered year after year from unpredictable bouts of mild to severe winter depression, and had done so for as long as I can remember.

So What changed?

Five weeks ago, I was sitting in a cafe with a friend and she was relaying to me a life changing revelation which she had undergone: the full and complete understanding that human beings have the power to choose what they think !
Oh it looks so simple when I see it in black and white.... choose your thoughts. Easy.??? Indeed I have discovered that while not being easy all the time, it certainly IS POSSIBLE!

You may already know all this in which case you may choose to stop reading now. However if like me you have been subject to wrong, bad or destructive thought patterns this blog may be helpful to you.

Thought choosing, is clearly to me the key to a successful happy life, I have had the happiest five weeks so far of my life with feelings ranging from general contentment to absolute joy, simply by picking my thoughts the same way I pick my food, choosing always the delicious, juicy, heart warming, clear, sustaining thoughts only and holding up the firm hand of NO when an unpleasant unwelcome unpalatable thought occurs, goodbye I say to them and good riddance!

So hopefully every day I'm gonna share my world in this blog, my purpose in doing so is mostly as a support to my own learning, there is no manual on the optimum use of Klara's brain so I have to invent the way and if sharing it in this blog is helpful to anyone then I shall be an even more happy and successful woman.

I shall be sharing a wide range of information and resources on thought choosing and the power of thoughts in general.

My favorite thought choosing tool is GRATITUDE

THE POWER OF GRATITUDE IS UNPARALLELED ,  the effect of concentrating on the things which one feels grateful for is good FEELINGS,
feelings are a TOOL and one simple use of that tool is to let you know whether you are thinking the right thoughts or not. If you are not feeling pleasant you are probably thinking the wrong thoughts, this can easily be experimented with. Try thinking of someone you love and you will feel pleasant emotions, try thinking of something unpleasant (stepping on a slug perhaps, sorry slug) and you are likely to be at least feeling a bit icky.....
SO if you are feeling less than wonderful then start thinking of things you feel grateful for now and see what happens.....

So here are a few things I'm grateful for......

Im grateful that learning to write a blog has gone quite smoothly
Im grateful for my beautiful children
Im grateful for the ever changing beauty of the magnificent sky
Im grateful for having a safe place to sleep
Im grateful for my sense of humor
Im grateful for avocados
Im grateful for the smiles of strangers
Im grateful for my friends
And Im grateful for my wonderfully healthy body.

With love from Klara

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