Friday, 15 June 2012

It will all work out well in the end.....


It is the end of a very long and very busy day! We are getting ready for a festival which we are going to tomorrow, we have been setting up our camp today in strong winds and generally racing around trying to get every thing finished in time.......

This is just a little post as I have decided to be kind to myself over the summer and not make myself write posts when it would be a difficult job to get it done. Today is one of those days, where getting it done to my usual standard would mean unnecessary stress for me! 

So my lesson for today was simple: when things are not going so smoothly, when it looks like I will be late I just say to my self " it will be as it is" and I stop worrying! Actually this worked extremely well for me today, it really helped to reduce my stress levels, after all everything usually works out well in the end, and life in itself is perfect. 

Learning not to worry is of course part and parcel of choosing good feeling thoughts, so off I go now into the new horizon full of the intention of making peace with everything and the knowing that it will all work out well in the end. 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for mice and their little noses
I have Loving Gratitude for my yurt
I have Loving Gratitude for the fields waiting for the festival
I have Loving Gratitude for the trees which watch the festival and the world as it passes them by
I have Loving Gratitude for moments when sunlight catches random things made of metal and sends light reflecting around rooms
I have Loving Gratitude for the Great Mystery of Life
I have Loving Gratitude for all the good yet to come
I have Loving Gratitude for colour
I have Loving Gratitude for sound
I have Loving Gratitude for the world

love Klara. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Beautiful Aspirations


I wrote a week or two ago about Making Peace with exactly where I am in my life right now. Making Peace with myself and the continuous stream of interactions which I have every day is now never far from my mind! 

Of course, like everything else in my life, it is a work in progress, and I guess today I just feel to write about it again! It is where I am at right now! My baby is crying, make peace. My house is a mess, make peace. I am late for an appointment, make peace. I didn't get enough sleep again last night, make peace. I would like more friends, make peace. Perhaps you get the idea! 

Life contains seemingly endless opportunities to practice making peace! Perhaps after practicing it for long enough it will become automatic? And as I am often hearing maybe there will be fewer and fewer occasions to need to make peace with?

What I like the most about the process of making peace with whatever comes my way is that once I have made peace with whatever it is I need waste no more thought on whatever it was, which means that I am able move on much more quickly than I may have done in the past. Additionally I find that when I am interacting with another being if I am able to make peace quickly it is much easier for me to act with compassion and so avoid further upset, and I find that I am much happier with the outcome and my place in it. 

I really think that the best way to find and spread Peace in the World is to become what we want to experience. Making peace with myself and all my encounters will help me to become a peaceful person, when I become a peaceful person I will spread peace throughout the world just by my very presence. What a wonderfully beautiful thing to aspire to.........

Today I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for all the people who have showed me the way
I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for the opportunity to change
I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for the opportunity to grow
I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for joy
I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for love
I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for the sun
I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for the moon
I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for my family
I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for all the friends I have met
I have peace in my heart and I am thankful for all the friends I have not yet met

love Klara. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Give Yourself A Pat On The Back!


Today I sang a lot! I drove into town singing and then I left my van and walked home through the fields singing all the way. It was a beautiful walk, made all the more beautiful by the fact that I was singing. I was not just singing for pleasure, I was also practicing and learning words to a song which I will perform a few times over the next couple of weeks; it is a song which I wrote about ten years ago, but I have always felt it was unfinished until today! As I walked along I wrote a chorus for it and now I really feel that it is a whole song. Good. 

I sang for a while after I got home, and then I began to think about how great I was feeling. During my singing I had to concentrate very hard, when I practice I sometimes go over the same part of the song several times, I often need to iron out trouble spots where I go flat or hit the wrong note. I was completely absorbed in what I was doing, I forgot about the rest of the world and everything else I have to do, it was blissful. I felt complete happiness. 

Being the parent of a small baby I find it easy to forget what it is like to be absorbed in an activity which engages my entire brain! The majority of my time I need to attend to my baby's needs, or I am doing house work, which means that there is plenty of time for me to contemplate the nature of the Universe or my own personal dramas! 

I do my absolute best to either be completely present with whatever the task is at hand or if it is more a matter of observing my baby and facilitating her then I try my best to simply be in the Now, which is perhaps the same thing. 

The phrase "the devil makes work for idle hands" came into my mind today. I had been completely absorbed in a task, working hard to make a good job of my singing, and when I stopped a whole queue of negative thoughts came trooping in! I think that phrase would be more apt for me if it said "the devil makes work for idle minds" ! 

I don't think there is a moment in my day where I am idle, but the nature of mothering a small baby means that my mind is often only partially occupied, and therefore could be described as idle! To me the devil is simply a word meaning disruption, craziness or negativity, and they are the aspects of thought which I am on guard for! 

So today I am giving myself a pat on the back for doing so well at avoiding the crazy thoughts which can come so easily to people who are not fully occupied. I'm sure that every one is different , perhaps some people thrive from idleness, but I am not one of them. 

My work here is about being kind to myself, opening my heart to love myself as much as anyone can love.....
Knowing myself and never underestimating the path down which I walk is a very important part of learning to choose good feeling thoughts, it can be all too easy to fail to notice what a tough job we do in life, failing to notice what a triumph we are making at being ourselves. 

I am doing a great job of being me! Learning to still the mind and think positively is an act of self mastery. wholly give myself permission to take my time learning all that I need to know to be at peace in my life. 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for the old idioms which highlight the Universal truths about life
I have Loving Gratitude for sweetness
I have Loving Gratitude for salt
I have Loving Gratitude for spices
I have Loving Gratitude for vinegar
I have Loving Gratitude for sea water
I have Loving Gratitude for sand
I have Loving Gratitude for buckets and spades on the beach
I have Loving Gratitude for the phenomenon of talking online to someone I have never met before in another country
I have Loving Gratitude for the sun

love Klara. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Yin and Yang.......


I just looked out of the window and to my surprise the sun is shining merrily away and at the same time the sky is very dark grey as if waiting to drench the earth again! It is a very beautiful sight and an inspiring one too! For me it feels like a reflection of how one can feel so many conflicting emotions at any one time, which makes me wonder whether they are conflicting at all? 
The sun is shining but it looks like rain; really sun and rain do go very well together and when they do the most beautiful thing of all happens: a rainbow ! 
And double wow, the word rainbow has seven letters just like the rainbow has seven colours! 

So what? So perhaps conflicting emotions are a sign that something beautiful is about to happen!  

The sky is clearing now and the grey has become a rather beautiful shade of purpley-orange it reminds me of how I imagine the colour octarine to be (Terry Pratchets' imagined colour). A kind of orangey purpley sparkly violet! 

Actually right now I keep noticing things which are neither one thing nor are they another. It seems like a lesson. I am reminded of the YinYang a symbol which my understanding of it is that there is a duality in life but it is an eternal dance where there is always a blend of one with the other, and without this blend and this duality there can be no balance. Yang without Yin is incomplete and one-sided and of course vice versa. 

That seems to be the way with so many things in life, why should thoughts be any different? When there are too many negative thoughts it should be no great surprise that the accompanying feelings are miserable and eventually all consuming. But I am not so sure that that would be the case if the predominant thoughts were all good feeling positive thoughts? 

When I think good feeling thoughts, when I concentrate on that which I am grateful for I feel wonderful and I also feel balanced. I don't know everything and of course I am just speculating on how the world is.......
I have met people in the past who think that we must have bad in order to appreciate the good other wise we would become complacent. Personally I think that is total nonsense! For me it it more that bad experiences help me to hone my preferences for what I would really like to experience. 

Additionally I have experienced those who believe that what goes up must come down, that every high is followed by a low, and indeed I have encountered such experiences but I am certain that it is more like a pendulum which we can bring into balance by learning how to choose our thoughts, therefore reducing the swing of the pendulum......

Life is supposed to be fun, we are here having a human experience to grow and to experience joy and wonderment. We are not supposed to suffer, I don't believe that suffering is necessary........

I believe that our happiness is within our control, we can choose to focus on that which brings us joy, or we can focus on that which does not....... 

I know what I will be choosing! 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for the beautiful things I found today in the charity shop
 I have Loving Gratitude for my children's artwork
 I have Loving Gratitude for tickling
 I have Loving Gratitude for cuddles
 I have Loving Gratitude for kisses
 I have Loving Gratitude for singing
 I have Loving Gratitude for music
 I have Loving Gratitude for the sunshine
 I have Loving Gratitude for the rain
 I have Loving Gratitude for all the contrast which helps me to find balance

love Klara. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Ten Things I love About Myself.....


Today I feel the need to remind myself about being kind to myself! I started this blog partly as a way of getting through the winter, which has always been a troublesome time for me, and partly as a way of sharing my new found joy in life. Now it is summer, although you would be forgiven for not believing that if you are in England as it has done nothing but rain for a very long time now! 

Ah yes, so now it is summer, our busiest time of the year! We tend to spend much of our summer camped out at festivals across the UK, far from computers and electricity, blissed out whatever the weather soaking up the gloriousness of living outdoors. 

Being outdoors is the single most important thing to me in the whole world! OK that was a slight exaggeration, however you get the idea. Quite often when I am in a bad mood all I need to do is go outside to relieve the feelings, and my partner frequently says "it's the house! you were fine until we came into the house." 

So where am I going with this? Ah yes being kind! I have to laugh at myself as I have been spending an extraordinary amount of time trying to work out how I will write my blog everyday when I am away from home, I have actually been rather stressed about it. How ridiculous is that? Very. 

The whole point of writing my blog is a stress relief, so in the name of giving myself a break I have decided to write my blog when I am at home! The Pure Genius of this idea astounds me! I have also decided that as writing my blog serves me so well when I am struggling with my day to day life, that if I am away from home and I need to write, I shall do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper! How quaint! And perhaps I will find some way of sharing it here when I return home. This means that for a while my blog will not magically appear every day! 

So I have found that the being kind to myself aspect is rather lacking at the moment and I need reminding what it really means. 
At the moment I have been experiencing outbursts of the inner critic; the inner critic is the voice which tells me I am a failure, I am too messy, too disorganised or whatever hook it can find it will go with. I suppose I had taken down my guard and I was feeling so supremely positive that I forgot that the inner critic could still be there working against my positivity. 

So what should I do when that small sardonic voice starts telling me I am doing a bad job? Firstly I should ignore the things it would have me believe, and the second thing which I find useful is to shine a bright light like that from a lighthouse on all that I do which I am proud of. Highlighting my own strong points and talents is a very valuable activity for me. 

Each time the critic rears its ugly head I would like to say ten things I love about myself.......

I love my wonderfully vivid imagination
I love my own cooking
I love how beautifully I can organise a room
I love my sense of style
I love the sound of my voice when I sing
I love my ability to write songs
I love the stories I have written
I love the way I can make other people laugh
I love how affectionate I am
I love my ability to listen to other people

Wow that actually felt really good! I don't think I have ever written down ten things I love about being me! If you are reading this now I would highly recommend that you try this right now! 

Being kind to myself means accepting my self exactly the way I am right now, expecting no more of myself than I am capable of, and by that I mean that in my heart I know that I always do my best! My best will be different from day to day, I believe that human beings are different from day to day, there are so many factors which affect our equilibrium and our orientation each day, so what was my best yesterday is very likely to be different to what my best will be today. I am by no means excusing myself for poor behaviour, more that I am aware that planet Earth is a complicated place, we are energetic beings and as such must be subject to the energetic forces of our Universe.

So there it is, I shall continue to do my best to turn up here every day and tell the world about my life! How grand! And when I don't turn up it is because I am having a good time in a field somewhere playing music and thinking up new ways of making myself happy.......

Today I am Thankful for my exercise of thinking up what I love about being me
Today I am Thankful for swimming pools
Today I am Thankful for love 
Today I am Thankful for exciting visits from old friends
Today I am Thankful for laughter
Today I am Thankful for my beautiful children
Today I am Thankful for all the beautiful children filling the world with laughter
Today I am Thankful for bees
Today I am Thankful for trees
Today I am Thankful for ancient giant redwoods

love Klara. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Waiting for an Avalanche of Positivity.


I'm having a quiet day, it is raining again and I am considering becoming an aquatic creature like a mermaid or a frog, just until the rain stops, either that or I might just start building an ark and collecting together two of everything......
We have all been stuck inside for days on end, it's not that I don't like rain, because actually I do but I have totally inadequate clothing to deal with the wetness that occurs when I spend time out in it! 

I was feeling quite rubbish for most of today, I ate food which disagreed with me yesterday, I slept late this morning and by seven thirty this evening I still had not done the three things I love to do each day: sing and play a song, go for a walk, and write my blog! 

My mood was plummeting and I was about to give in totally and just go to bed, which was what  I thought my baby needed, but somewhere from within me came the small voice which told me not to give up or give in, I had made a commitment to myself: I had made a commitment to do the things for which I have great passion! 
So I got back up, went downstairs and played a song, which of course brought me quite far back into myself. Then hooray and pretty much hey presto: my baby fell asleep, so I set off on my walk. 
It was an evening walk in the rain, not heavy relentless rain but that soft kind of rain that gets you really wet without you realising it's happening! It was a strange walk as I did not pass one single human being in forty five minutes which is odd because I live in a town and although I went into the fields I did not go far from the town. 

The birds were singing their evening song and I was struck by just how much everything has grown over the last week! All the pathways are becoming overgrown, the plants heavy with lush verdant growth, I particularly love the smell of rain soaked vegetation. 

So now here I am writing my blog. I feel enormously grateful for the small voice which made me get up and do the things I love. I was feeling very sorry for myself, I don't know what inspired such a despondent mood but it was beginning to consume me. Thoughts reproduce in their own likeness and in my experience it does not take many to start an avalanche of negativity.........

Hooray! I am feeling much more positive than I was earlier! and hooray for the fact that thoughts do reproduce in their own likeness because of course that works in my favour too; I am looking upwards with bated breath waiting for the avalanche of positivity.....

Today I Give Thanks for the sweet rain
I Give Thanks for my commitment to do what I love every day
I Give Thanks for ancient trees in the town
I Give Thanks for the rampant overgrowth fed by all this rain
I Give Thanks for the proliferation of rainbows fed by the rain
I Give Thanks for my lovely white guitar
I Give Thanks for my rich voice
I Give Thanks for my legs which carry me near and far
I Give Thanks for bedtime
I Give Thanks for the morning to come full of possibility

love Klara. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Throwing anger to the wind.......


For a while now I have been harbouring anger around an old hurt! I was going to laugh at my choice of words then: harbouring, but then I realised that as an analogy harbouring is excellent. I went out for a walk today and began to think about the anger that I feel and what I can do to shift it; I thought about what anger is in general and where it resides about my being. Every time I visualised it it fell somewhere around the left side of my body, it is not inside me, it is more around me waiting patiently for opportunities to be activated and cause havoc! 

Everywhere I go the anger goes along side me, perhaps I pull it like an old fashioned horse drawn coal barge, darkly it follows me not doing anything in particular apart from being there. Most of the time I pay it no attention but from time to time things happen which activate it, and then there it is rearing its ugly head disturbing my equilibrium. 

So here I am on my mission to choose good feeling thoughts doing my best to make Peace with the world exactly as I find it and somehow I need to find a way to make peace with the anger which I am harbouring. 

My anger surrounds another person, as I am sure anger so often does, but it does not affect them as far as I know. It belongs to me! It is a mixture of hurt, a faint desire for revenge, a feeling of unjustness and a strong desire to be free of it. Some parts of me would like to bundle it up and fling it at the other person, but I know in my heart that the best thing I could do with it were it something solid and flingable would be to throw it to the wind to dissipate.

Strong negative emotions are a burden and by themselves they do not achieve anything, when I think of the Image of Peace I know that harbouring a body of anger can only hurt me. I like to imagine that if my body had a colourful aura the anger would appear as a bright red bulge on my left side. I feel anger towards someone else, but I and I alone am the one who suffers. The anger is mine, I own it. 

I know how to make peace with small disappointments and annoyances, in fact I find it very easy to do so, but making peace with such a large thing, a thing which seems to have taken on its own characteristics is a big challenge for me. 

Firstly I own the anger, I forgive myself entirely for allowing it to grow to such proportions without dealing with it, I made a mistake, I am a human being and mistakes can be beautiful. As a human I have no instruction manual to tell me how to deal with intense emotions so how could I expect myself to do any better until I have learnt through experience how these things work? Who knows what great blessings could come from my anger once it has flowered into a beautiful blossom?

Secondly I trust that my urge to find a way to make peace with the anger I hold will bring exactly the solution that I need straight to me. 

Finally I do not let this problem or any others which I encounter take up too much of my time! When the time is right the solution will come and for the rest of the time I shall focus on that which fills my heart with gladness! I have spent enough of my life allowing problems to take up too much of my time, before I was able to choose my thoughts difficulties would consume my attention like hungry wolves and I was frequently miserable turning them over and over again in my mind to no avail. Now I know that there is a time and a place for dealing with problems, they need not mar my everyday life or stem the beauty of my world. 

Today I am Thankful for all the opportunities I have to grow
I am Thankful for the beauty which is to come when I have healed my anger
I am Thankful for walking in the fields bare foot
I am Thankful for the feel of mud between my toes
I am Thankful for invitations to sit by a fire in a cave
I am Thankful for new horizons
I am Thankful for sunbeams through water
I am Thankful for the sound of laughter coming from peoples houses as I walk past
I am Thankful for passion
I am Thankful for love 

love Klara.

Friday, 8 June 2012

What is my Truth?


I stayed up late last night enjoying myself and then got woken at about four thirty by my baby who was full of the joys of spring! She stayed awake for a couple of hours and then fell back into a peaceful sleep. 

I forget how tiredness can affect my equilibrium, or perhaps not so much tiredness but the half asleep half awake state which occurs when I remain in bed but don't manage to fall back to sleep. I am a great believer that tiredness is partly an emotional state; I believe I have not had the right amount of sleep to refresh me and therefore my orientation is affected by that belief and I demonstrate the signs of tiredness. There is no real way of knowing for sure! 

So in my stupor I decided it was probably safe to allow my mind to wander! Ha ha! I laugh out loud at the very idea now! There is a time and a place for a wandering mind, and that place is when I am creating! Fully conscious my mind twists and turns with a subject I have chosen, one for which I have a great passion. Beautiful stories are created, delicious tunes come from my wandering mind; in that moment I have chosen to let my mind drift in imaginations playground, stories and songs growing from my consciousness in a delicious burst of colourful creation!!

My recent successes at choosing my thoughts and having a quiet mind had lulled me into a false sense of security about allowing my mind to drift! Perhaps for some people with a more natural positive outlook, those lucky people who do not have to learn productive safe ways of thinking, allowing their minds to drift is a pleasant experience, but not yet so for me! 

I regret to say that a whole entourage of malevolent, disorderly, maladjusted, malignant thoughts began to assemble themselves in my unsuspecting mind! Quietly they began tearing shreds off my peaceful story telling me tales of how dreadful everything is for me, trying to persuade me that life is awful and that I have been making terrible mistakes left right and centre! 

So, I hear you say, how do I know the difference between the truth and the fiction which I claim my mind presents to me? What surprised me today was just how easy it was to see which thoughts were authentic and which were the product of negative thinking. The predominately negative thoughts didn't quite feel authentic, I faintly recognised them as being from an entirely different part of my life. After a while I examined them to see whether they felt true for who I am right now, and I was relieved to find that my joys and passions outweigh any of the negative aspects of the life choices I have made for myself. 

Tiredness, whatever it is, is a danger area for me, I have to be extra vigilant with myself when I am tired, which of course is harder than when I am not tired. I'd like to say that once I had recognised that my mind was running amok that I stopped it and moved back into a profoundly positive place, but I am afraid I did not! I continued to generate negative thoughts for much of today until I noticed again what I was doing, interestingly these thoughts were also easily recognisable as rather antiquated! 

Who knows how I will fare for the rest of the day? Of course I will be doing my best to think about that which I am thankful for, and I shall be being kind to myself as I would be to anyone else! One thing I am glad to say is in full working order is my ability to laugh at my own negativity and love myself all the more for being human and making mistakes.

For the rest of the day I shall be treating myself to a large pinch of not taking myself too seriously, eating nice food, drinking plenty of water, adopting a winning stance and singing the songs I love! 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for laughter with old friends
I have Loving Gratitude for being fortunate enough to have old friends
I have Loving Gratitude for the local swimming pool
I have Loving Gratitude for the return of the sun
I have Loving Gratitude for the work I am doing to restore myself to positive thinking habits
I have Loving Gratitude for ladybirds
I have Loving Gratitude for room 101
I have Loving Gratitude for flying beetles
I have Loving Gratitude for fizzy wine
I have Loving Gratitude for you, Madi Bliss! 

love Klara.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Revelling in the Rain!


We have been having quite a spectacular amount of rain over the last few days! The South West of England (where I live) is the wettest part of England, the mendips cause major precipitation coming in from the atlantic...... and so I have learnt to love the rain! I frequently hear people complaining about rain and the weather in general, I hear it is a favourite British pastime, but really for me it was a case of learn to love it or stay indoors all the time! 

So yesterday we went for a wet walk in the woods, this was something we used to do as children all the time. My father would get us all dressed up and we would go trudging off into the undergrowth and of course come home totally soaking wet and covered in mud. I don't really remember whether it was something I loved, liked or hated, but I certainly remember it and in particular my fathers obliviousness to the mud and water which my brother and sister and I would inevitably find and immerse ourselves in, I even lost a shoe one day while out with my dad!

Off we went in our waterproofs, wellingtons and umbrellas, the baby strapped to me peeking out under her hood smiling at the rain which only she escaped! Within five minutes we were all thoroughly soaked and striding across a field knee high with dripping grass. The woods looked fantastic; great plumes of steam were rising from them into the sky, the trees all clothed in the most vibrant luscious greenery I ever remember seeing. 

I was stunned by the verdant vibrancy brought about by so much rain. We climbed up a gorge which I have been to many times before and this time I was really struck by the utter natural beauty of the place which was so enhanced by the sheer volume of growth that must have occurred over the last few days of rain. 
Britain is a temperate climate and yesterday Ebbor Gorge felt, smelt and looked just like a tropical rainforest! 

The stunning beauty of my world never ceases to amaze me,I am hypnotised by the natural glory of wild vegetation. The woods smelt wonderful, so many different shades of green and brown, yellow and orange! 

Again I felt the wonderful joy of the quiet mind! I am so glad to be able to say that it still amazes me that having a quiet mind enhances my enjoyment of the world to such a very great degree. It poured with rain over the whole walk, but I didn't notice, so captivated am I by the beauty of the world. With my new found ability to hush my chattersome mind, choosing simply not to think has enabled me to be present in a way which was not available to me before; the smells and sights and sounds of the woods so entrance my senses, so that I am now able to revel in them. 

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing! and the rain is all the more glorious when it finally stops and we can all be outside enjoying the sunshine! 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for the rain, which has just got harder! 
I have Loving Gratitude for the lushness of new growth
I have Loving Gratitude for my waterproofs
I have Loving Gratitude for my dry cosy house
I have Loving Gratitude for the sun which is to come
I have Loving Gratitude for the ever changing world
I have Loving Gratitude for change
I have Loving Gratitude for growth
I have Loving Gratitude for wild garlic
I have Loving Gratitude for spring smells

love Klara. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Magical Awareness


Over the weekend I spent quite a lot of time getting to know the trees which surrounded the event which I  attended, the bushcraft show was at a place called Elvaston Castle Country Park in Derbyshire in the UK. The area which had been chosen to host the event was a very large round field entirely encircled by trees. 

This image shows the area rather well! The woods which surround the large field near the top of the photograph are a selection of mature trees which are almost all native, well spaced and vibrantly healthy. 

On sunday after I had spent nearly all day shut inside the van with my baby I came out into the field and noticed for the first time that it was completely surrounded by trees, it had an interesting feel to it, as if the woods were some sort of sentient audience silently watching and listening to all that was occurring in the clearing. What perhaps added to this affect was the set up of the event itself which was also a full circle of exhibitors all facing inwards. 

There was a magical tension in the air to which most people seemed oblivious, I did ask a few people if they had noticed the trees and how they felt about them but most people perhaps unsurprisingly seemed more interested in the bushcraft show! 

I spent some time investigating the woods while my baby slept on my back, the tension which I had experienced in the field was also present within the woods, there were quite a lot of visitors walking around the woods and to my surprise this did not alter the magical quality of the air. Often I have found that on visiting magical places (although I do believe the whole world to be magical) that the more people present the more dilute the magical feeling becomes, I think perhaps it has to do with how present people are in their consciousness if they are thinking of mundane things and not of the beauty which surrounds them the vibration they emit is bound to change the surroundings. 

What of it? Together with my feeling of peacefulness brought about by my continuous remembrance of the image of peace I found myself in an altered magical consciousness! The air fizzled and popped at times, the birdsong was amplified, the beauty was astounding! I don't know if my perception of the beauty was enhanced by the peaceful state I found myself in or whether the magic of the place aided my peacefulness! Either way it was a wonderfully inspiring experience......

The ancients spoke of the magical nature of this land, the presence of the fairy folk and all the magical creatures, I really feel that immersed in the thought world we switch off a part of ourselves which is sensitive to the magical nature of our world. I believe that in order to move into a really magical way of being where we fully appreciate the astonishing nature of the world it is vital to learn to use our thoughts as a tool, a resource and not a way of being. Constant thought closes off our awareness to other things. 

I choose magic in my life, I choose Joy, I choose beauty.....

Today I have Loving Gratitude for the good fortune I had to start choosing my thoughts
I have Loving Gratitude for magical experiences
I have Loving Gratitude for the love I feel for trees
I have Loving Gratitude for all the trees in the world
I have Loving Gratitude for the memories I hold of just how magical the world can be
I have Loving Gratitude for the possibility that I will have many more magical experiences
I have Loving Gratitude for birdsong in magical woods
I have Loving Gratitude for my eyes
I have Loving Gratitude for my ears
I have Loving Gratitude for unexpected adventures

love Klara.  

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An Image of Peace.....


I have had an astonishing weekend! I have been away from the drawing board, so to speak, for the weekend, again my blogs which I programmed to publish while I was away went sky west and crooked but never mind because it is of small consequence in the grand scheme of things....

So why was my weekend so spectacular? I went to a bush craft show with my partner for one of his jobs, I was expecting it to be interesting and of course it was, but that was really an aside to the joy which I experienced over the weekend. 

On the 31st of May I came across an image which has changed the way I deal with that which I encounter to a very interesting degree, it is an image which encapsulates the ideas that we project out into the world a vibration which matches the way that we are feeling. This is an idea which I have been familiar with for many years but I have always come across it before in either a vocal format, on film or in writing. Somehow seeing it as a still image made it enter my mind in a very different way. 

Wow I am astonished with the ease with which I managed to upload that image! Clearly I am supposed to share it here! The artist who I would very much like to thank and Credit this work of art for is called Tony Koehl you can find a link to his website here!
I downloaded this image from facebook so I don't know to whom the words belong....

However it is the image which interests me the most. Over the weekend, which certainly had challenges for me of a mothering nature, every time I encountered a thought or situation which disturbed my equilibrium this image came to mind, I saw myself as a being emitting a frequency matching my feelings which in turn set me up to receive a similar frequency, almost like a reply from the Universe! So each time I remembered the image I made peace with my life at this moment in time exactly the way it is! 

The rather amazing effect of this was that halfway through the second day of doing it a delicious peace settled over my being I felt a divine calmness unlike any I have known before. I was able to move swiftly through upsetting or uncomfortable situations, I let them go at an incredibly fast rate.

By the end of saturday I felt unusually magical! Peace was reigning in my mind, I was able to enjoy nothing in particular. In actuality I spent the majority of my weekend following my baby round a rather muddy field or shut in a very small campervan simply playing with my baby, in the past this would have been a very challenging scenario for me, but with the help of this image it was a delightful experience. 

Being able to be at peace with whatever is occurring in my life is something I have been striving to do for a very long time, being able to enjoy the world around me exactly the way it is in the moment is a wonderful experience. The world has a new light for me.......

Today I am Thankful for the inspirational artwork of friends I have yet to meet
I am Thankful for the smiles of strangers
I am Thankful for the joy and laughter my baby brought to others this weekend
I am Thankful for the feeling of success
I am Thankful for the astonishing birdsong in the woods at the camp
I am Thankful for the magical trees which circled the camp
I am Thankful for my brilliant campervan
I am Thankful for my ability to drive and see new places
I am Thankful for the stunning sun set last night as we drove home
I am Thankful for having a warm dry space to come home to 

love Klara.

Happiness is a deliberate act of Self Love......


It seems that I am on a constant search to find ways to feel good about the incredible experience of being alive. 
Life is so simple in so many ways! Get born, share love, grow up, discover your creativity, create, love, laugh, share more love, walk the Earth, immerse yourself in the beauty of the world, Share more love.......

Indeed life is so simple! 

So what happened? How did I end up so entrenched in negative thought that I have had to relearn how to share love, not just with the rest of the world, but also with myself???

The answer to that question is of course complicated, probably long winded and definitely a multifaceted layered onion of a lifetime of stories. Put in short I don't think that looking at the intricate infinite causes will necessarily cure the ailment! 

Coming to terms with my own story is an important part of feeling good, knowing myself and my history helps me to let it go, live in the present, and view life against a backdrop of infinite possibilities not hampered by limitations set by past experiences. 

It is my intention to be deliberate with my thoughts, and to deliberately feel good, I do this by DELIBERATELY CHOOSING TO THINK GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS! 

I have written in the past about the act of using my Will to actively think good feeling thoughts, good feeling thoughts are not just thoughts about beauty or love, passion or warmth, good feeling thoughts are those thoughts which facilitate moving forwards in our minds and in our lives. 

" I shall think deliberately" is a good feeling thought, "I shall make peace with my life" is a good feeling thought, " I shall turn my face towards the sun" is a good feeling thought. 

I used to think that GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS had to be utterly joyous, thoughts which were filled with love and magic, and of course those thoughts really do feel wonderful and if they are on offer then I will certainly think them. However I also gave myself a hard time when those thoughts were not accessible to me! 
Sometimes in life it is necessary to work through uncomfortable feelings and situations and when that happens the best feeling thoughts may not be joyous, but deliberately choosing the best feeling thoughts which are available, and actively deliberately looking for those thoughts is an act of self love. 

Learning to choose good feeling thoughts is about demonstrating self love. If I do not love myself I am not going to thrive! When I show myself love and respect I can only thrive.......

Happiness is a deliberate act of Self Love.....

I intend to thrive, I intend to choose good feeling thoughts in whatever way is accessible to me at the time, deliberate thinking is my way of getting the most out of my remarkable life. 

Today I Give Great Thanks for the evening song of the birds
I Give Great Thanks for the days I get woken at 4am and get to hear the first bird song of the day
I Give Great Thanks for the excitement which thunder and lightening inspires within me
I Give Great Thanks for the joy of singing
I Give Great Thanks for my musical instruments
I Give Great Thanks for the bounty of good food in my home
I Give Great Thanks for fruit
I Give Great Thanks for vegetables
I Give Great Thanks for seeds and grains
I Give Great Thanks for Self Love

love Klara. 

Conscious Active Awareness.....


Parenting is tough! Looking after a newly walking baby is a labour of love! At the moment I find myself with two options; either I hold the baby and try to get things done, and she doesn't always agree to this option, or I put her down and follow her around whilst trying to get things done. The rather unsurprising result is of course that not much gets done! 

The one rather incredible thing that I can do, the one thing I have a veritable bounty of time and potential for is focusing on that which is Great, Beautiful, Delightful, Delicious and Wonderful in my life! 

The rather wonderful thing about looking after a small baby is the very thing which can make it so hard; when looking after a small baby my mind is not fully occupied because it is not intellectually challenged, nor is it able to relax entirely because I have to be vigilant.  I hold in my hands a double edged sword, a forked path and I continuously have the choice to make about where I focus my attention.
I can choose to notice how untidy my house is, how little time I get to myself, how other people are having a better time than me, how I have not written a song in nearly a year (it's all there in my mind waiting for an opportunity to spill into my consciousness and pollute my experiences),

Or I can choose to notice the blueness of the sky, the light reflected on a new leaf, the sparkle in my babies eyes as she tries a new flavour, the sound of birds singing in the trees behind my house, the burst of zingy juice as I bite into a fresh strawberry, the love I have in my heart for my wonderful family.....
I am fortunate enough to have so much greatness in my life to focus upon!

I call this process a meditation of awareness, conscious active awareness of the world around me! This is a process which can be learnt through the practice of actually doing it! 

It is a blessing from which I have no idea what will grow from within me, I would love to say that I am winning, that I do this meditation of awareness with ease, but it does not come easily to me! I have to be vigilant in so many ways; it is my intention to give my loving attention to my child, but I also need to focus part of my attention on all that FEELS GOOD in my life.......

Of course in the moments that I am fully focused on my baby I forget all about thinking and focusing and challenges, I forget about the humdrum everyday realities which bring about the need to focus on GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS in the first place! 

The power of noticing the incredible wonderment of the world around us is not to be underestimated, ironically I am learning from a true expert about being in the moment and seeing and appreciating the minute intricacies of just about everything; my baby! 

Today I give Great Thanks for my baby and the opportunities for personal growth that mothering provides
I give Great Thanks for meringues and cream
I give Great Thanks for loneliness
I give Great Thanks for the sad beauty of crying
I give Great Thanks for cherries
I give Great Thanks for relaxing
I give Great Thanks for the flow of wellbeing
I give Great Thanks for this computer
I give Great Thanks for our paddling pool
I give Great Thanks for new beginnings

love Klara. 

Relax and Move With The Flow of Life!


At the moment I am totally fascinated by the possibilities available to me to learn how to be happy! 
I believe that one of the most fundamental things to understand and learn in order to be happy is how to relax and move with the flow of life exactly the way it is right now. 
The minute one has a negative reaction to the way things are, or how they appear to be going, then one is stepping out of the flow of wellbeing and into the struggle of resistance. Resistance to the flow of life is easily recognised by its telltale symptoms of FEELING BAD and MISERABLE! 

I believe that my reactions are habitual, and therefore there is a certain amount of challenge inherent in moving to react in a new or different way to my habitual ways. The way that one is used to behaving or reacting is usually the first thing to spring to mind when faced with something which seems undesirable. 

So, I propose to allow my first reactions to surface, to observe them, and then to take a deep breath, Relax and accept the new situation and make an attempt to run with it......

This sounds easy! Why haven't I tried it before? Well I have, but like I said it is a matter of habitual reactions taking over! There is a lot to learn in life, there is also a lot to remember. I tend to forget that I have a choice as to how I react to circumstances and situations, perhaps  as yet I do not have any choice as to what my initial reactions are, the automatic brain pulses, but I do have a choice about whether or not to follow them. 

My choice lies in my ability to Observe, Relax, and Accept the status quo. 

The next thing to do when that task is done is to wrap my awareness around something that I love, this act enables the GOOD FEELINGS TO FLOW, aligning me with who I really am, setting me gently back into the flow of wellbeing.............

Happiness is within everybody, it is a state of mind, it is freedom, it is love, it is peace.......

Today I have Loving Gratitude for Abraham and Esther Hicks
Today I have Loving Gratitude for Ella Fitzgerald and all the old greats
Today I have Loving Gratitude for music
Today I have Loving Gratitude for dancing
Today I have Loving Gratitude for jumping
Today I have Loving Gratitude for the continuous flow of wellbeing
Today I have Loving Gratitude for my life
Today I have Loving Gratitude for my baby
Today I have Loving Gratitude for my children
Today I have Loving Gratitude for Joy

love Klara.