Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Happiness is a deliberate act of Self Love......


It seems that I am on a constant search to find ways to feel good about the incredible experience of being alive. 
Life is so simple in so many ways! Get born, share love, grow up, discover your creativity, create, love, laugh, share more love, walk the Earth, immerse yourself in the beauty of the world, Share more love.......

Indeed life is so simple! 

So what happened? How did I end up so entrenched in negative thought that I have had to relearn how to share love, not just with the rest of the world, but also with myself???

The answer to that question is of course complicated, probably long winded and definitely a multifaceted layered onion of a lifetime of stories. Put in short I don't think that looking at the intricate infinite causes will necessarily cure the ailment! 

Coming to terms with my own story is an important part of feeling good, knowing myself and my history helps me to let it go, live in the present, and view life against a backdrop of infinite possibilities not hampered by limitations set by past experiences. 

It is my intention to be deliberate with my thoughts, and to deliberately feel good, I do this by DELIBERATELY CHOOSING TO THINK GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS! 

I have written in the past about the act of using my Will to actively think good feeling thoughts, good feeling thoughts are not just thoughts about beauty or love, passion or warmth, good feeling thoughts are those thoughts which facilitate moving forwards in our minds and in our lives. 

" I shall think deliberately" is a good feeling thought, "I shall make peace with my life" is a good feeling thought, " I shall turn my face towards the sun" is a good feeling thought. 

I used to think that GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS had to be utterly joyous, thoughts which were filled with love and magic, and of course those thoughts really do feel wonderful and if they are on offer then I will certainly think them. However I also gave myself a hard time when those thoughts were not accessible to me! 
Sometimes in life it is necessary to work through uncomfortable feelings and situations and when that happens the best feeling thoughts may not be joyous, but deliberately choosing the best feeling thoughts which are available, and actively deliberately looking for those thoughts is an act of self love. 

Learning to choose good feeling thoughts is about demonstrating self love. If I do not love myself I am not going to thrive! When I show myself love and respect I can only thrive.......

Happiness is a deliberate act of Self Love.....

I intend to thrive, I intend to choose good feeling thoughts in whatever way is accessible to me at the time, deliberate thinking is my way of getting the most out of my remarkable life. 

Today I Give Great Thanks for the evening song of the birds
I Give Great Thanks for the days I get woken at 4am and get to hear the first bird song of the day
I Give Great Thanks for the excitement which thunder and lightening inspires within me
I Give Great Thanks for the joy of singing
I Give Great Thanks for my musical instruments
I Give Great Thanks for the bounty of good food in my home
I Give Great Thanks for fruit
I Give Great Thanks for vegetables
I Give Great Thanks for seeds and grains
I Give Great Thanks for Self Love

love Klara. 

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