Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Yin and Yang.......


I just looked out of the window and to my surprise the sun is shining merrily away and at the same time the sky is very dark grey as if waiting to drench the earth again! It is a very beautiful sight and an inspiring one too! For me it feels like a reflection of how one can feel so many conflicting emotions at any one time, which makes me wonder whether they are conflicting at all? 
The sun is shining but it looks like rain; really sun and rain do go very well together and when they do the most beautiful thing of all happens: a rainbow ! 
And double wow, the word rainbow has seven letters just like the rainbow has seven colours! 

So what? So perhaps conflicting emotions are a sign that something beautiful is about to happen!  

The sky is clearing now and the grey has become a rather beautiful shade of purpley-orange it reminds me of how I imagine the colour octarine to be (Terry Pratchets' imagined colour). A kind of orangey purpley sparkly violet! 

Actually right now I keep noticing things which are neither one thing nor are they another. It seems like a lesson. I am reminded of the YinYang a symbol which my understanding of it is that there is a duality in life but it is an eternal dance where there is always a blend of one with the other, and without this blend and this duality there can be no balance. Yang without Yin is incomplete and one-sided and of course vice versa. 

That seems to be the way with so many things in life, why should thoughts be any different? When there are too many negative thoughts it should be no great surprise that the accompanying feelings are miserable and eventually all consuming. But I am not so sure that that would be the case if the predominant thoughts were all good feeling positive thoughts? 

When I think good feeling thoughts, when I concentrate on that which I am grateful for I feel wonderful and I also feel balanced. I don't know everything and of course I am just speculating on how the world is.......
I have met people in the past who think that we must have bad in order to appreciate the good other wise we would become complacent. Personally I think that is total nonsense! For me it it more that bad experiences help me to hone my preferences for what I would really like to experience. 

Additionally I have experienced those who believe that what goes up must come down, that every high is followed by a low, and indeed I have encountered such experiences but I am certain that it is more like a pendulum which we can bring into balance by learning how to choose our thoughts, therefore reducing the swing of the pendulum......

Life is supposed to be fun, we are here having a human experience to grow and to experience joy and wonderment. We are not supposed to suffer, I don't believe that suffering is necessary........

I believe that our happiness is within our control, we can choose to focus on that which brings us joy, or we can focus on that which does not....... 

I know what I will be choosing! 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for the beautiful things I found today in the charity shop
 I have Loving Gratitude for my children's artwork
 I have Loving Gratitude for tickling
 I have Loving Gratitude for cuddles
 I have Loving Gratitude for kisses
 I have Loving Gratitude for singing
 I have Loving Gratitude for music
 I have Loving Gratitude for the sunshine
 I have Loving Gratitude for the rain
 I have Loving Gratitude for all the contrast which helps me to find balance

love Klara. 

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