Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An Image of Peace.....


I have had an astonishing weekend! I have been away from the drawing board, so to speak, for the weekend, again my blogs which I programmed to publish while I was away went sky west and crooked but never mind because it is of small consequence in the grand scheme of things....

So why was my weekend so spectacular? I went to a bush craft show with my partner for one of his jobs, I was expecting it to be interesting and of course it was, but that was really an aside to the joy which I experienced over the weekend. 

On the 31st of May I came across an image which has changed the way I deal with that which I encounter to a very interesting degree, it is an image which encapsulates the ideas that we project out into the world a vibration which matches the way that we are feeling. This is an idea which I have been familiar with for many years but I have always come across it before in either a vocal format, on film or in writing. Somehow seeing it as a still image made it enter my mind in a very different way. 

Wow I am astonished with the ease with which I managed to upload that image! Clearly I am supposed to share it here! The artist who I would very much like to thank and Credit this work of art for is called Tony Koehl you can find a link to his website here!
I downloaded this image from facebook so I don't know to whom the words belong....

However it is the image which interests me the most. Over the weekend, which certainly had challenges for me of a mothering nature, every time I encountered a thought or situation which disturbed my equilibrium this image came to mind, I saw myself as a being emitting a frequency matching my feelings which in turn set me up to receive a similar frequency, almost like a reply from the Universe! So each time I remembered the image I made peace with my life at this moment in time exactly the way it is! 

The rather amazing effect of this was that halfway through the second day of doing it a delicious peace settled over my being I felt a divine calmness unlike any I have known before. I was able to move swiftly through upsetting or uncomfortable situations, I let them go at an incredibly fast rate.

By the end of saturday I felt unusually magical! Peace was reigning in my mind, I was able to enjoy nothing in particular. In actuality I spent the majority of my weekend following my baby round a rather muddy field or shut in a very small campervan simply playing with my baby, in the past this would have been a very challenging scenario for me, but with the help of this image it was a delightful experience. 

Being able to be at peace with whatever is occurring in my life is something I have been striving to do for a very long time, being able to enjoy the world around me exactly the way it is in the moment is a wonderful experience. The world has a new light for me.......

Today I am Thankful for the inspirational artwork of friends I have yet to meet
I am Thankful for the smiles of strangers
I am Thankful for the joy and laughter my baby brought to others this weekend
I am Thankful for the feeling of success
I am Thankful for the astonishing birdsong in the woods at the camp
I am Thankful for the magical trees which circled the camp
I am Thankful for my brilliant campervan
I am Thankful for my ability to drive and see new places
I am Thankful for the stunning sun set last night as we drove home
I am Thankful for having a warm dry space to come home to 

love Klara.


  1. Thank you for your timely post. I am a mother too and I find it challenging at times, and your post helped me return to that which i know, but sometimes am pulled away from practicing! www.mindthegapmotherhood.wordpress.com x

  2. Hooray I'm so glad that I can help, mothering is a big challlenge!