Monday, 11 June 2012

Ten Things I love About Myself.....


Today I feel the need to remind myself about being kind to myself! I started this blog partly as a way of getting through the winter, which has always been a troublesome time for me, and partly as a way of sharing my new found joy in life. Now it is summer, although you would be forgiven for not believing that if you are in England as it has done nothing but rain for a very long time now! 

Ah yes, so now it is summer, our busiest time of the year! We tend to spend much of our summer camped out at festivals across the UK, far from computers and electricity, blissed out whatever the weather soaking up the gloriousness of living outdoors. 

Being outdoors is the single most important thing to me in the whole world! OK that was a slight exaggeration, however you get the idea. Quite often when I am in a bad mood all I need to do is go outside to relieve the feelings, and my partner frequently says "it's the house! you were fine until we came into the house." 

So where am I going with this? Ah yes being kind! I have to laugh at myself as I have been spending an extraordinary amount of time trying to work out how I will write my blog everyday when I am away from home, I have actually been rather stressed about it. How ridiculous is that? Very. 

The whole point of writing my blog is a stress relief, so in the name of giving myself a break I have decided to write my blog when I am at home! The Pure Genius of this idea astounds me! I have also decided that as writing my blog serves me so well when I am struggling with my day to day life, that if I am away from home and I need to write, I shall do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper! How quaint! And perhaps I will find some way of sharing it here when I return home. This means that for a while my blog will not magically appear every day! 

So I have found that the being kind to myself aspect is rather lacking at the moment and I need reminding what it really means. 
At the moment I have been experiencing outbursts of the inner critic; the inner critic is the voice which tells me I am a failure, I am too messy, too disorganised or whatever hook it can find it will go with. I suppose I had taken down my guard and I was feeling so supremely positive that I forgot that the inner critic could still be there working against my positivity. 

So what should I do when that small sardonic voice starts telling me I am doing a bad job? Firstly I should ignore the things it would have me believe, and the second thing which I find useful is to shine a bright light like that from a lighthouse on all that I do which I am proud of. Highlighting my own strong points and talents is a very valuable activity for me. 

Each time the critic rears its ugly head I would like to say ten things I love about myself.......

I love my wonderfully vivid imagination
I love my own cooking
I love how beautifully I can organise a room
I love my sense of style
I love the sound of my voice when I sing
I love my ability to write songs
I love the stories I have written
I love the way I can make other people laugh
I love how affectionate I am
I love my ability to listen to other people

Wow that actually felt really good! I don't think I have ever written down ten things I love about being me! If you are reading this now I would highly recommend that you try this right now! 

Being kind to myself means accepting my self exactly the way I am right now, expecting no more of myself than I am capable of, and by that I mean that in my heart I know that I always do my best! My best will be different from day to day, I believe that human beings are different from day to day, there are so many factors which affect our equilibrium and our orientation each day, so what was my best yesterday is very likely to be different to what my best will be today. I am by no means excusing myself for poor behaviour, more that I am aware that planet Earth is a complicated place, we are energetic beings and as such must be subject to the energetic forces of our Universe.

So there it is, I shall continue to do my best to turn up here every day and tell the world about my life! How grand! And when I don't turn up it is because I am having a good time in a field somewhere playing music and thinking up new ways of making myself happy.......

Today I am Thankful for my exercise of thinking up what I love about being me
Today I am Thankful for swimming pools
Today I am Thankful for love 
Today I am Thankful for exciting visits from old friends
Today I am Thankful for laughter
Today I am Thankful for my beautiful children
Today I am Thankful for all the beautiful children filling the world with laughter
Today I am Thankful for bees
Today I am Thankful for trees
Today I am Thankful for ancient giant redwoods

love Klara. 

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