Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Conscious Active Awareness.....


Parenting is tough! Looking after a newly walking baby is a labour of love! At the moment I find myself with two options; either I hold the baby and try to get things done, and she doesn't always agree to this option, or I put her down and follow her around whilst trying to get things done. The rather unsurprising result is of course that not much gets done! 

The one rather incredible thing that I can do, the one thing I have a veritable bounty of time and potential for is focusing on that which is Great, Beautiful, Delightful, Delicious and Wonderful in my life! 

The rather wonderful thing about looking after a small baby is the very thing which can make it so hard; when looking after a small baby my mind is not fully occupied because it is not intellectually challenged, nor is it able to relax entirely because I have to be vigilant.  I hold in my hands a double edged sword, a forked path and I continuously have the choice to make about where I focus my attention.
I can choose to notice how untidy my house is, how little time I get to myself, how other people are having a better time than me, how I have not written a song in nearly a year (it's all there in my mind waiting for an opportunity to spill into my consciousness and pollute my experiences),

Or I can choose to notice the blueness of the sky, the light reflected on a new leaf, the sparkle in my babies eyes as she tries a new flavour, the sound of birds singing in the trees behind my house, the burst of zingy juice as I bite into a fresh strawberry, the love I have in my heart for my wonderful family.....
I am fortunate enough to have so much greatness in my life to focus upon!

I call this process a meditation of awareness, conscious active awareness of the world around me! This is a process which can be learnt through the practice of actually doing it! 

It is a blessing from which I have no idea what will grow from within me, I would love to say that I am winning, that I do this meditation of awareness with ease, but it does not come easily to me! I have to be vigilant in so many ways; it is my intention to give my loving attention to my child, but I also need to focus part of my attention on all that FEELS GOOD in my life.......

Of course in the moments that I am fully focused on my baby I forget all about thinking and focusing and challenges, I forget about the humdrum everyday realities which bring about the need to focus on GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS in the first place! 

The power of noticing the incredible wonderment of the world around us is not to be underestimated, ironically I am learning from a true expert about being in the moment and seeing and appreciating the minute intricacies of just about everything; my baby! 

Today I give Great Thanks for my baby and the opportunities for personal growth that mothering provides
I give Great Thanks for meringues and cream
I give Great Thanks for loneliness
I give Great Thanks for the sad beauty of crying
I give Great Thanks for cherries
I give Great Thanks for relaxing
I give Great Thanks for the flow of wellbeing
I give Great Thanks for this computer
I give Great Thanks for our paddling pool
I give Great Thanks for new beginnings

love Klara. 

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