Sunday, 10 June 2012

Waiting for an Avalanche of Positivity.


I'm having a quiet day, it is raining again and I am considering becoming an aquatic creature like a mermaid or a frog, just until the rain stops, either that or I might just start building an ark and collecting together two of everything......
We have all been stuck inside for days on end, it's not that I don't like rain, because actually I do but I have totally inadequate clothing to deal with the wetness that occurs when I spend time out in it! 

I was feeling quite rubbish for most of today, I ate food which disagreed with me yesterday, I slept late this morning and by seven thirty this evening I still had not done the three things I love to do each day: sing and play a song, go for a walk, and write my blog! 

My mood was plummeting and I was about to give in totally and just go to bed, which was what  I thought my baby needed, but somewhere from within me came the small voice which told me not to give up or give in, I had made a commitment to myself: I had made a commitment to do the things for which I have great passion! 
So I got back up, went downstairs and played a song, which of course brought me quite far back into myself. Then hooray and pretty much hey presto: my baby fell asleep, so I set off on my walk. 
It was an evening walk in the rain, not heavy relentless rain but that soft kind of rain that gets you really wet without you realising it's happening! It was a strange walk as I did not pass one single human being in forty five minutes which is odd because I live in a town and although I went into the fields I did not go far from the town. 

The birds were singing their evening song and I was struck by just how much everything has grown over the last week! All the pathways are becoming overgrown, the plants heavy with lush verdant growth, I particularly love the smell of rain soaked vegetation. 

So now here I am writing my blog. I feel enormously grateful for the small voice which made me get up and do the things I love. I was feeling very sorry for myself, I don't know what inspired such a despondent mood but it was beginning to consume me. Thoughts reproduce in their own likeness and in my experience it does not take many to start an avalanche of negativity.........

Hooray! I am feeling much more positive than I was earlier! and hooray for the fact that thoughts do reproduce in their own likeness because of course that works in my favour too; I am looking upwards with bated breath waiting for the avalanche of positivity.....

Today I Give Thanks for the sweet rain
I Give Thanks for my commitment to do what I love every day
I Give Thanks for ancient trees in the town
I Give Thanks for the rampant overgrowth fed by all this rain
I Give Thanks for the proliferation of rainbows fed by the rain
I Give Thanks for my lovely white guitar
I Give Thanks for my rich voice
I Give Thanks for my legs which carry me near and far
I Give Thanks for bedtime
I Give Thanks for the morning to come full of possibility

love Klara. 

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