Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Focus is on the Flowers!


Hooray, at last I am back after what seems like ages of not writing my blog! Well I'm glad to be back writing. 

I have had a really fun time this summer even with the rain, after a while it ceased to bother me and I pretty much dispensed of waterproof gear and just got wet! It turned out to be all a matter of attitude for me! 

This rainy summer has inspired me and interested me a great deal! Having suffered so much from depression in winter I feel as though I have been supplied with an extra challenge of a super wet and reasonably gloomy summer! Thank you so much Universe! Do you detect a note of sarcasm? No? Well you should because there certainly was one! The irony of a miserable summer on a weather dependent moody being such as me, has not escaped me! 

So how has it been for me? Really and truly, it has been a challenge of epic proportions! However I also think it has been a very great blessing! Instead of the usual scenario where I just about make it through the winter and am able to entirely forget the trauma of my  depression, this cycle of seasons I made it through the winter in style, with the help of my blogging I found my way each day to good feelings and good feeling thoughts, and then the wet and windy summer has meant for me that the challenge has been continuous for me. Instead of summer arriving and me joyously leaping aboard the sunshine train and forgetting my troubles for a few months, the bizzarre weather has meant that the challenges I face in winter have never been far enough away to be forgotten. 

Well, I hear you say, that doesn't sound so great! But that is where you are wrong, if indeed you are the voice in my head! Sticking with the challenge to think good feeling thoughts has actually been an opportunity to grow and to learn, and I really feel that I have grown and learnt! Hurrah! I am not saying I have all the answers or that I am healed, and here is the instant solution, because I believe self mastery does not happen in a day, a month or even a year. I wish that it would, but then what would be the point?

Learning to think good feeling thoughts, or indeed learning how to actually use the mind, (and by that I mean being the captain steering the ship, rather than flailing around on board a ghost ship crewed by crazy pirates simply allowing whatever thought worlds that happen to arise to lead me into stormy seas) is an act of self mastery. Unfortunately nobody instructed me in the use of my mind as I was growing up, perhaps nobody bringing me up knew that we are in control of our thoughts and that they do not control us? 

We have the absolute power to choose what we think about and what of that hat we choose to focus on, and I would even go so far as to say all of the time! I would like to see some sort of school of thought (if you'll excuse the pun!), where people can come to relearn how to really think, to return to the realm of God, and really enjoy the life that they are leading regardless of how poor thought forms might perceive it! 

On the last day of the last festival I was at this summer, this whole point was beautifully illustrated to me (or comically!) My very great friend Vicki Looked out of her van and upon seeing a friend approaching carrying a beautiful bunch of flowers she said: "ah you've brought me flowers, how kind!" and somebody else pointed out that the lady carrying the flowers had in her other hand a bucket of pooh and said "how do you know she wasn't bringing you the pooh?"

I have a choice: I can focus on the flowers, or I can focus on the pooh!

There are flowers in all seasons, they glow and shine out of the darkest places, their beauty speaks volumes on focus. I love the flowers, I give great thanks for the flowers, sometimes I may have to search for them, but they are there to bring me joy.
My head is full of flowers....... 

Today I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for Flowers!
I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for dandelions and daisies which brighten up my lawn
I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for the foxgloves which rocket their powerful blooms in the braken
I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for the english rose which daintily colours my hedgerows
I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for the delicious cornflowers
I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for the chamomile flowers which reclaim the wastelands we create
I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for the sunflowers reflecting the glory of the sun!
I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for the snowdrops heralding the coming of spring
I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for the bluebells filling the woods with the hues of the evening skies
I give Great Bouquets of Thanks for all flowers everywhere which fill our world with colour and beauty!

love Klara.

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