Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Magical Thought Game!


Today I have had a lovely day! 

What's more, it has been raining pretty much all day long, the sky has been grey and brooding and we have spent most of the day inside. I love to be out doors, and in particular I love to be out walking in the woods and the fields, but today that wasn't an option.

Today thinking was easy. Why? I am feeling playful, I have been imagining that thinking is a game, something to have fun with! Today unwanted thoughts did occur, but when they did I saw it as a challenge and I alternated between seeing how quickly I could shift my thoughts onto an entirely different subject, and by attempting not to think. 
I upped the game by thinking up the most amusing things possible in the moment, for example I was at the swimming pool thinking a fairly malevolent thought when I noticed that the cubicle was made of material which looks just like the skin of an orange! So, I imagined for a few moments that I was trapped inside a giant orange floating through space! This made me laugh out loud, I was able to draw myself away from the malevolent thoughts and as I did so I realised that although those kinds of thoughts have a certain addictive quality, (by that I often feel compelled to finish thinking them before I can move on to something more healthy), I realised that the addiction is weakening, I would rather think about Good Feeling Things.  

Thinking good feeling thoughts doesn't have to be a serious thing! I have realised that I am as changeable as the weather, (yesterday it was blue sky and sunshine, today it was clouds and rain) and by that I simply mean that my state of mind is rarely constant, there are moods which pass through my being which I often feel as if I have no control over. 
The more playful I am about my thoughts the easier it is to cope with negative seeming moods, in the past I took thoughts so seriously, I thought that they meant something, I thought that they reflected some aspect of me that needed changing (and perhaps they do in some regards). I found them upsetting, disturbing even, I took them far too seriously! 

My thoughts were burdensome, they were challenging and they were hard work! 

I now believe that much of my thought world is randomly generated. I don't profess to know everything about being human, but I am starting to know quite a lot about how to think myself happy! 

I am enjoying laughing at my thoughts, the less seriously I take them the less power they hold over me and the quicker they dissipate. I used to tell them to clear off but now I find that a simple giggle at their preposterousness usually suffices to send them packing without too much effort on my part! 

I disclaim my unwanted thoughts! 

I disown any thoughts which are going to bring me down or hinder me on my path to happiness!  Life is too short to spend it feeling miserable. 

Today I am Thankful for the way smiling makes me feel
I am Thankful for the smell of freshly baked bread in town
I am Thankful for the sound of people laughing
I am Thankful for the small things which help to bring my mind to happier thoughts
I am Thankful for the love in my life which holds me close
I am Thankful for fairy lights
I am Thankful for flapjacks
I am Thankful for swimming pools
I am Thankful for mossy rocks
I am Thankful for the sound of rain through leaves

love Klara. 

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