Friday, 13 January 2012

A Rampage of Appreciation for The Trees!


I'm feeling very happy this evening, this morning I did lots of paper work, and I thought about how unnatural it seemed to be shuffling about bits of paper and reading little black dots and lines and then I realised that it really didn't matter! It's just a part of my current human experience and I am very happy and grateful that I have so little of it to do!!

I feel inspired today and excited. I had insightful dreams last night and even though I didn't sleep that much I really do feel quite rested. I awoke twice in the night full of ideas for my blog, which felt pleasing, but today I am going on a rampage of appreciation. I was going to write it yesterday, but I have decided to go with the flow of feelings and ideas as they come each day with my blog, it seems more honest and fluid to me.

To keep myself on track with choosing good feeling thoughts it is important to me to go on as many rampages of appreciation as possible, they bring into focus for me just how fortunate I really am, firstly just to be having a human experience and secondly to be having such a juicy, joyful, creative, inspired, interesting, cosy, loving, happy one!!!! (I could go on here for quite some time). I like to remember to have at least one rampage of appreciation every day.

So here goes.....

Today, I am Thankful for the TREES! The joy that trees bring to me is immeasurable, I only have to look out of my bedroom window and I am delighted by the vision of several magnificent majestic old trees.
I love deciduous trees, I give thanks for the amazing variety of their forms. I give thanks for the gnarly Oak, I love the smoothness of the Ash bark, I adore the bright whiteness of the birch against the green of the woods. I love the dense spiky hawthorn and I relish the dark magical blackthorn. I am so thankful for the waxy deep green shine of the holly.

I give thanks for the bare branches of the winter trees, silhouetted against dark and bright skies, I love the stark beauty of the twigs against the sharp blue skies. 
I am so thankful for the buds in spring time, I love each new bud bursting with the promise of the show which is to come. I give thanks for the tress in the springtime when it finally is sprung, with a beautiful bright blaze of fresh green, I love their tender new leaves, I am so thankful for their velvety soft freshness. 

I give thanks for the verdant deep greens of the leaves in the summers. I give thanks for the thick canopies, I love the cool shade which moves with the sun as it crosses the sky, Thank you trees. 
I am so thankful for the glorious spectacle of autumn leaves, the colourful extravaganza of reds, oranges, yellows and browns provided for our eyes by those mighty sentient beings. I am so thankful for the leaves as they fall on the ground, I love walking through the rustling carpet of leaves which the trees so generously bestow upon the earth.

And then I get to give thanks all over again as the seasons turn full circle and the beautiful trees begin again their magical cycle. 

I also give thanks for the evergreens. I love the colours they lend to the winter, I love their contrast when the snow is on the ground. I give thanks for the christmas trees which I bring into my house, I love the smell, the freshness and the warmth it brings to my home and my heart in the middle of winter. 

I am in awe of the wonderful services trees provide both to humans and to all manner of creatures. I give thanks for the constant cycling of carbon which trees provide. I give thanks for the oxygen which trees release, I give thanks for trees for my life, my breath. I give thanks for my home and for everything in it made from that beautiful material which comes from our friends the trees, thank you. 
I love the homes which trees provide for birds and beasts and minibeasts. I love trees. 

I love the way trees shape my landscape. I love the shape of the woods, I love the shape of the fields and hedgerows. I give thanks for every tree small and mighty. I give thanks for every tiny sapling and for every ancient mighty giant. I give thanks for the immense forests and the miniature copses and all the trees in between. 

I love the trees. Thank you trees, you fill my world with beauty and life. Thank you for the wood in winter which warms my hearth, my home and my heart. Thank you trees for giving your lives for me. I give thanks too for the ancient forest of ages past, buried beneath the earth which have turned to blackness, thank you for the coal which provides so much of our electric lives. 

OOOOOOOO I give thanks for paper too! I love paper, I love to draw and write and paint on paper. 

                                                        I LOVE TREES !!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

love Klara

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