Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Rampage of Appreciation for You.


Today is my three week blog writing birthday! I have so much to celebrate!

Last night I went to see the Chinese State Circus with my family, WOW! Human beings are so amazing! The precision with which the performers moved was both incredible and beautiful, and I feel enormously thankful to them for sharing their dedication and grace with me. The show was divided into sections with different themes, half way through watching a section where the performers were juggling panama type hats, I imagined spending my day thinking up interesting and impressive things to do with hats! What a fun thing to be doing with your human experience.

My world, the way it is right now, is not exactly as I would CHOOSE it to be (although I'm sure there are those who would argue otherwise!) My heart and soul yearns to live in a more natural and physical way. However right now in my current reality my world is as it is, and like it or not, I do gain greatly from the work of others, even when I choose to think better feeling thoughts!

There are so many fun and pleasurable things to do with our lives. Today I want to offer a prayer of thanks for all those people who work at things which benefit me in some way, jobs that I don't want to do, work which I can't do, things that I have no training in, and especially to those beings who do the work which I don't want to even know about!

This is a Rampage of Appreciation!!...

I give thanks for the people who I will never meet who work long hours for low pay in factories on the other side of the world making clothing which I enjoy wearing, Thank you I send you my love. I give thanks for the wonderful people who grow delicious food on the other side of the world, for the mango growers, I love mangos thank you mango growers you make my life more juicy and delicious. I am so thankful for all the farmers all over the world who work hard and produce the amazing variety which I am fortunate enough to experience WHENEVER I feel to. Wow! I am so fortunate THANK YOU.

I GIVE THANKS for the people who quarry stone to fix the roads which I can then drive safely on, thank you, I am so thankful for the people who spend their days mending the roads too, thank you for your expertise, thank you for making the roads which I use safe.  

I give thanks for the people who clean public toilets all over the world, thank you. I give thanks for the people who work in the sewers, I am so grateful to you. I give thanks to plumbers who have piped water so when I turn on my tap clean water flows! I love turning on my tap and drinking the clean water which magically comes out, how amazing! Thank you for the people who invented my power shower, I love my power shower!

I give thanks for the people who care, for the people who spend their days and nights caring for those who need help, I love those people, thank you thank you to the people who save lives, and make lives more comfortable, thank you you amazing people who I don't know and have never met. Thank you to those I have met too, who have made their lives a work to help me and others to live more fully. I love the carers. 

Thank you to the rescuers, thank you to the people who risk their lives daily to save other people who they don't even know! I give thanks for you. You make the world so beautiful. Thank you to everyone who has gone before who gave their lives for others, you blow me away, thank you.

I give thanks for people who devote their lives to protecting, preserving and encouraging wild life. Thank you for the people who care for our land, thank you to the people who spend their lives researching so that we can reduce and minimise our impact on natural habitats. I love our wild places and I love the people who protect them and enhance them, thank you.

I give thanks to the number crunchers, to the people who understand how this incredible internet thing actually works and keep it going so that I can have access to people and places all over the world in my own house! Thank you. Thank you to the people who labour making all the parts of computers, thank you for my computer. 

I give thanks to people who work on the rubbish that we generate every day, thank you to the people who work to find solutions to our debris, thank you to the people who sort through our detritus daily. I give Great Thanks for the Earth and for Great Spirit which inspires people with wonderful solutions. 

There are so many services which people perform for one another and the earth, far too many for me to individually give thanks for or even to know about, so I end my Rampage with one huge thank you for all the things which individual humans do which benefit me. 

                           Thank you.                                                           
                          I Love You.

love Klara.

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