Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Rampage of Appreciation for Water


In celebration of my fourth week of writing this blog, about my exploits into the realms of CHOOSING GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS instead of being a victim to bad feeling thoughts, today I am going to go on a Rampage of Appreciation

A Rampage of Appreciation focuses my attention in a beautiful and sustained way for an extended period of time, I use it to bring my awareness to the great wonders of the world, I feel it is important to bring them to the forefront of my mind; to my conscious mind - and yes of course I know they are out there but I can choose not to focus on them, Habitually. 
Why am I labouring this point? Because I need to, it's for my own benefit! I have a need to learn that the world is stuffed with incredible beauty, magical occurrences, fantastic experiences, delightful people, and mind expanding knowledge, and I need to actively look for it, focus upon it and enjoy it. This simple act brings about a surge of good feelings to my body and mind and draws me beautifully away from that which I have had enough of, that which I no longer need, and that which does not feel good, it brings me back to the divinity of life. 

You see the thoughts and feelings that I am currently encountering are very stubborn, it's almost as if I don't want to progress any further, I don't want to heal, I don't want to change. Perhaps I am comfortable the way I am (in a subconscious way), perhaps I feel safe in trauma and suffering?
The reality of my personal disfunction is not by its nature jolly or uplifting! 
But I am on a mission! A mission to heal and grow and change, and I am committed to that mission, and I will take the rough with the smooth and I look to the day when I burst forth from my chrysalids and blossom into a beautiful butterfly: 

                  Wild and Free xxxx

This is a Rampage of Appreciation for Water.......

I give thanks for water, my words seem so tiny compared to all that water is, I love water, I delight in water

I love the rivers, I am so thankful for every tiny little stream twisting and turning it's merry way through across the Earth. I give thanks for every vast raging river coiling and coursing through the beauty of the land and I love every water way in between. I love that water cannot be contained, it cannot be directed, it is mighty in that it will find its own way, I love that it is wild by it's very nature, I love the rivers and I give thanks for the water that creates and drives them.

I love the Oceans, I give great thanks for the Oceans covering our earth, I love their unimaginable vastness, I love that there are parts of the Oceans that have never been touched, Thank you for the Oceans. Thank you for the incredible diversity of life which the water of the oceans supports. I give thanks that water can contain such mysteries that we can never even know or see them. 

I give thanks for the standing waters, I love their stillness, I love their quietness and their silent beauty, I love the tarn at the top of the mountain and the pond at the bottom of the garden. I give thanks for the mysteries contained within the waters of lakes. 

I love the way that water feels on my skin, I give thanks for the way it holds me when I swim in still water and I give thanks for the way water pushes and pulls me when I swim in rivers and oceans. I love to be pounded by the waves and pulled in the currents of the rivers. 

I give thanks for the pressure I feel on my chest when I lie at the bottom of the pool and the stillness I feel in my heart. I love the way that water can hold my physical body and my mind that can only occur in the waters.....

I give thanks for the cool water that hydrates my body and feeds my good feeling thoughts in my mind. 
Thank you for the rain, gentle fine rain - I love you, and great heavy stormy drops I adore you. 

I love water, Thank you divine oneness for all that water is....

and of course there is far more to be thankful than I could ever mention here and much that I have yet to discover!

love Klara. 

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