Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Mythological Panacea!

Good Morning

Today I feel to write about how I'm doing. How am I doing?
While I am alive in this human body, being me never stops, Klaraness is relentless..... Thinking is incessant, never-ending, perpetual, and eternal. Thinking is inescapable! I'm sure though that there are states of being where thinking can be slowed, or stopped all together and one can just get on with being, a human being!
But right now that is not where I'm at. I am however noticing a pattern; my modes seem to come in two day increments. What does this mean? It's expression is such that my access into CHOOSING GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS is via a different entrance approximately every two days, there does not seem to be any one particular way, there is no winning formula, no right answer, no Golden Button flashes on my forehead simply waiting to be pressed!

                            There is no PANACEA!

A panacea is a solution to solve all problems, a remedy to cure all diseases, alchemists sought the panacea  as a connection to the elixir of life and the philosophers stone; a symbol of enlightenment and heavenly bliss!

However, in ancient greek mythology Panacea was a goddess of healing, and what I didn't know until I looked it up is that she had five sisters and four brothers, and each one of them had a different gift of healing (cures, recuperation, disease prevention, recovery, natural beauty, diagnostics and surgery). This is interesting to me because it seems reflective of my discovery that I cannot rely on only one way of accessing good feeling thoughts. Ancient mythology to me is a metaphorical or allegorical source of information about the nature of being human, and how to navigate through the maze of life, similar mythologies are found amongst many different cultures, and this parallel suggests to me a universal understanding about the nature of life and divinity that the ancients had.
In the example of Panacea, different methods of healing are required for different maladies (from latin, male habitus - in poor condition).

Humans are not simple life forms, we are multi-cellular and our own personal thought patterns are made up from thousands of different experiences. It now makes perfect sense to me that there is no Panacea to Good Feeling Thoughts, my multi faceted mind is each day presenting different aspects for healing, and just as I would not expect an antiseptic to cure a headache, or a paracetamol to heal an infection, I must learn to find the relevant path to Good Feeling Thought each day; a different path for each mode, or malady.

From now on I am going to attempt to track what method I use each day to reach the state where I rest in Good Feeling Thoughts, Yes, it's true, I don't always wake up there - I actually need to make an effort to get there!!
For example, yesterday I was experimenting but I noticed that discussion of the principles of gratitude and why one should think good feeling thoughts deliberately, helped to align me, today that didn't work and I had to get physical - I needed a shower, a bath with essential oils and tea and to do some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique - see Brad Yates on YouTube if you are curious) to reach a state of true Well Being.

I want to see if there is some kind of pattern and I want an arsenal (from the arabic dar sina ah - house of handiwork) of methods to use so I can find my way to the JOY inherent in thinking Good Feeling Thoughts.

Today I am Thankful for mythology
 I am Thankful for truly inspiring stories
 I am Thankful for hot water
 I am Thankful for the power of aromas
 I am Thankful for the kark of the raven and the shiny blackness of his feathers
 I am Thankful for the beauty which comes through opening up to being openhearted 
 I am Thankful for the magical properties of vinegar
 I am Thankful for shield bugs
 I am Thankful for my ability to keep trying
 I am Thankful for red berries shining in winter hedgerows

love Klara.

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  1. "I am Thankful for my ability to keep tying"
    I read that as "trying" and wanted to say that's probably the most inspiring bit about reading your posts. Of course, maybe you meant "tying", which is probably fun too, but not as inspiring to me ;-)