Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reality and Blue Oranges.


Welcome to day five of my gratitude blog.
I have been thinking about the labels I give to my self and how they affect my reality. I was about to start todays blog by saying "I am not a morning person", but I paused to think about what the implications of such a statement might be for my earthly body. Why? Words are not solid, they can't hurt me.
Or can they?

This reminded of the children's rhyme:
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."
At some point in my childhood this got said almost daily, I think my older brother and sister and I did rather a lot of bickering. Anyway, the names did hurt me, they have influenced the way I see myself, right into my adult life, - I got called fat and stupid, and being the youngest of the three I was often 'too little to join in' -  I am rather an average build and am certainly not stupid - I have a science degree, not that that proves anything! I also frequently find it hard to 'join in', just writing those two little words together makes me shudder!

So, now that nobody calls me names (that I'm aware of!) it will be the things I call myself that count and, I believe, the way I talk about myself. When I'm tired or feeling low those old names try to show their faces again.
So, I shall be telling my self on a daily basis that I am beautiful, talented, strong, healthy, funny, kind and all the other qualities which I value and admire, and then I'm going to imagine what that feels like and enjoy it. I'm going to dwell there in that delightful feeling and relish every moment of it, and send the message to every part of my body that I LOVE ME !

I am a morning person, I'm a midday lady, a teatime woman and a night owl too. My reality is such that I can choose daily, hourly or minute by minute who or how I am. There are no rules to my being-ness, sure scientists and philosophers can try to quantify human-ness, or they can present the results of their 'studies' which state how the mind 'works', but remember, scientific research is always influenced by the person doing it and what they would like to present to the world - their BELIEFS. Have you heard of Schrodinger's Cat? It's a thought experiment, the result of which is that the cat is simultaneously alive and dead !!!! I don't know whether any cats were hurt during the experiment, it involved putting them in a sealed box and debating whether they were alive or dead, it seems rather unlikely that the person who let them back out got away unscathed, my cats would have been furious! although they do rather like boxes.

Where I'm going with this is, what is reality anyway? How do we define it? How should we define it? and is mine the same as yours? I think the answer to that has to be a resounding NO, at least in my reality!
I have recently, and rather happily, been through quite a few radical paradigm shifts, the most noticeable and describable of which being that I no longer suffer from seasonal affected disorder. I thought it was a fact, I thought it was REAL, I thought it was TRUTH and for a long time for me it was.
So what is real? What is reality? It was recently explained to me that 'solid' does not mean what I had understood it to mean for my whole life! Remember all those classes at school about solids, liquids and gasses? A fundamental thing they are very keen to impart to school children is in fact NOT TRUE! Solids are not SOLID!!!

Take me or you for example, when I touch you physically, I am not really touching you! this is because we are all mostly space; imagine our bodies, in fact every physical thing, being made of molecules, and  each atom in our molecules is a bubble of electrons around a infinitesimally small nucleus, all chained together to make a frogs spawn like structure of mostly space. We are an atomic sponge which when we come in to contact with other physical things, like each other, our electrons repel each other giving the illusion of touch. In reality (if you'll excuse the pun) we do not touch at all and if electrons did not exist we would all just blend into one and other. we are all mostly space and the space we all occupy is connected, a little like being in one infinite ocean all together.

When I was a little girl, I spent many happy hours opening one eye, then the other and noticing the difference in the colours I was observing. I happen to have the good fortune of seeing colours differently from each eye! This brought into question for me, at an early age, whether my blue is your orange?

I think our reality is defined by our beliefs and for that reason I'd like to dispense of any beliefs that I'm carrying, I'm probably not even consciously aware of many of my beliefs, I think the ones which are hardest to spot are those I formed when I was little, the ones which helped to define my world and my place in it.

I have witnessed events which many people would dismiss as nonsense, hallucinations or delusions. I have no need to dismiss my own experiences, and some of them have made my life a more magical and exciting place than it would be were I to go along with ordinary beliefs and definitions of the world.

Feeling good and expecting greatness has brought me many a day filled with random acts of kindness from complete strangers, happy coincidences and my wishes being granted in ways I never would have imagined.

I am thankful for my ability to choose the thoughts I think
I am thankful for the people who devote their lives to understanding the greatness of the Universe
I am thankful for the magical events in my life which have helped me to question reality
I am thankful for my senses which bring the wonders of the world to my experience
I am thankful for my incredible awesome body that carries me through this life
I am thankful for all the other people who enrich my life through their greatness
I am thankful for my family who have taught me compassion
I am thankful for the human family
I am thankful for the knowledge that people are fundamentally caring and loving
I am thankful for my three beautiful daughters

love Klara

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  1. what a wonderful blog, i may be a little bias, however this is fantastic klara. :-)