Friday, 20 January 2012

It's all in Your Focus!


Today I want to concentrate again upon where my focus rests!

Today is a grey day it is windy and the sky is dark, our new fence in the front garden has blown down....

Today the dark clouds are edged with gold and orange light, the wintery haze in the distance is framing the hills like a romantic old painting. It's a day to wrap up warm and stride through the fields and feel the earth and the astonishing power of nature......

I have had a hard time all day keeping my focus on thoughts which feel good and I have consistently noticed that once a good feeling train of thought has begun on its merry way, taking in all the beauty and reproducing in its own likeness it gathers speed and momentum and I begin to feel marvelous, excited, inspired, hopeful, romantic and delightful and much more. When an unpleasant feeling train of thought sets off from platform nine Klara Station, it also gathers speed and momentum, the thoughts also replicate themselves only the path is downwards, it is speedy and compelling, consuming and addictive.......

I experimented with this today, as if it were a game, I wanted to see if I could choose my mood? What is mood anyway? perhaps it should be called mode instead and treated much the same as a musical mode. Western music is written in modes, the two most obvious and well known being major and minor (most chart music I have experienced is in one or the other). Musical modes are often used by composers to convey feelings.....

I have often felt subject to mood, or even at the mercy of my own moods, but am I really? If mood is really a mode then surely it is possible to choose how one would like to feel? I am not at the mercy of my feelings, I have now had enough practice at choosing my thoughts to know that my feelings follow and echo my thoughts; thoughts of things I enjoy, like or love have feelings which accompany them which feel pleasant and conversely thoughts of things I dislike have accompanying feelings which feel unpleasant.

So today in my experimental world, nothing physically changed in my environment, my earth-plane remained the same all day, my relationships to the other people in my family were consistently consistent, my house remained in the same state of tidiness, my fence did not leap up and reconstruct itself, washing did not sort itself and food still had to be cooked.

What on earth am I getting at?


My feelings were all internal, influenced only by me, by my chosen mode, my happiness came from within, my sadness came from within, I TRIED IT ALL OUT TO SEE HOW IT FELT.
I generated differently feeling thoughts about the same things, for example the first two paragraphs are exactly that, in the first I focused on bad feeling thoughts about the weather and landscape, and in the second paragraph I focused on good feeling thoughts whilst observing exactly the same scene. Right now the sky is a wonderfully brooding shade of dark pink and I choose to associate it with good feeling thoughts!

I have had enough of my experiment! I'm going to spend the rest of the day with good feeling thoughts! Doing this experiment helped me to feel powerful, it helped me to concrete in my mind that its my CHOICE how I view my life, and really the only thing I can truely control in my life is THE WAY I FEEL.

I'm going to feel great today!

Today I am thankful for the wind
I am thankful for my heart which pumps my blood without me even needing to think about it
I am thankful for my brothers and sisters
I am thankful for the wisdom of children
I am thankful for the ever changing stunning picture which is the sky
I am thankful for my mothers wisdom
I am thankful for the myriad of shades of eye colour
I am thankful for all of my toes
I am thankful for my creativity
I am thankful for short grain brown rice!

love Klara.

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