Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Thanks to a Little Help From My Friends.


Wow today is my twentieth blog! It seems amazing to me that I have managed to write a blog every day for twenty whole days. I am half way through my ninth week of CHOOSING GREAT FEELING THOUGHTS. In truth I am completely astonished to have managed to go eight and a half weeks through such a gloomy looking winter with a grand total of only three bouts of misery - the first lasted about twenty minutes, the second about an hour and the last around thirty minutes - and yes I have been counting because it's important to me. I like to see results and progress, and I like to chart it so I can look back and have evidence, just incase my mischievous mind tries to tell me otherwise!

One of the things my mind used to get up to was subtle trickery. The bouts I described in the above paragraph were different to the days I wrote about here in my blog (When the Rampage is Savage, and Is Your Glass Half Full?), I would describe them as a very familiar feeling, which thankfully now is becoming less and less familiar, a feeling of gloom, and always my mind would say "It is always like this, I always feel this way, no matter how hard I try this always comes back" and those thoughts would be enough for me to surrender to it and find myself sinking further and further into the deep of despair.

So when that feeling arose in me on those three occasions, and it seemed to come from nowhere, I was so distressed at the onset of the feelings that it actually fed the voice of doom. On the two shorter occasions I asked for help from my partner, (he is fully supporting me on this journey, we even have a code word which he uses to help me recognise and arrest those thoughts before they can get a grip on me) and he was able to help me redirect my mind before things got out of hand.
 On the third occasion I was alone, and although I eventually rang my partner for help he was unable to find the right words. I had to work quickly to stop the descent. I sat still and breathed deeply and when I opened my eyes I saw my phone and it came to me; send out a group text asking for ten things that make people feel wonderful!

So that is exactly what I did. The effect was even better than I could have imagined. Replies came in at a constant trickle over the next few hours, and what people said filled up my heart to the brim with joy! Many people responded with requests for my ten things too and several people even thanked me for asking them, it seems my texts came at a poignant moment for them too! For each thing that people listed that resonated with me I paused to imagine it fully and how it might feel, by the evening thanks to that inspiration and all my wonderful friends I was flying high back on my path CHOOSING GREAT FEELING THOUGHTS.

So today, in honour of all those people who came to my aid with their great feeling thoughts I share with you some of their beautiful replies:

I am Thankful for frozen spider webs
I am Thankful for slanting sunshine especially through water
I am Thankful for stormy walks in the woods
I am Thankful to watch children learn
I am Thankful for being able to watch birds feed outside my window
I am Thankful for discovering new music that delights me
I am Thankful for the look and smell of new tubes of paint and clean white paper
I am Thankful when my hair looks how I want it to
I am Thankful for when the music makes sadness feel beautiful
I am Thankful when I have high self acceptance
I am Thankful for hot air balloons
I am Thankful when I write a really good song
I am Thankful for swimming in the river
I am Thankful for when I suddenly get the joke
I am Thankful for feeling playful
I am Thankful for a crackling fire
I am Thankful for when I burst into the dance
I am Thankful for sunshine on my face
I am Thankful for kisses on my shoulder blades
I am Thankful for when I find a tea shop open in a little country town when I thought they would all be closed.

There really are soooooo many things to feel wonderful about and be thankful for. Thank you all, my friends
love Klara.

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  1. My favourites are the tea shop and the frozen spider web and I would like to add:

    I am thankful for the incredible beauty of my children's eyes, for fat little baby knees, and for when I do things I think I don't want to do and suddenly find myself doing it and really enjoying it.

    love you xx