Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Is Your Glass Half Full?

Good Morning!

I want to say everything is wonderful, marvelous, spectacular, I'm thriving and full of the joys of a thought choosing rampage, but I really don't feel like that right now. I ate quite a lot of chocolate yesterday, I convinced myself somehow that it was fine to do so, and that it would not really affect my baby and that the other times I had eaten lots of chocolate it was probably just a coincidence that my baby was awake nearly all night. But surprise surprise, my baby was awake nearly all night, and she didn't really seem all that happy about it. I finally got some sleep just as it was getting light and then woke at nine-thirty this morning feeling very groggy.

It is a beautiful sunny day, I can see the hills in the distance and the birds flying by, but I'm still having trouble shifting into a positive frame of mind.
Doing this thought choosing work over the last seven weeks, and now the last twelve days of writing this blog, has brought some interesting new thoughts and inspirations to me. This morning when all else failed I tried the method my dad recommended years ago to me, its a very simple one: SMILE.  I felt dreadful, contrary, aggressive and even warlike this morning and so not knowing what else to do I smiled, and in that moment (while I held my probably slightly insane looking smile) it came to me! I had a eureka moment!

I was angry at my partner, everything he was doing seemed to be wrong and worse than that antagonistic! But the moment I smiled it came to me: it was all in how I chose to view it, how I framed it. I realised he was not doing anything differently to the way he usually does things, the only thing that had change was ME! 
I was in a poor frame of mind, which meant that everything I encountered seemed poor; as if I were looking at the world through mud tinted glasses!
It probably shows that I'm feeling a lot better now! Writing this has helped me to see what was really occurring! So what I'm thinking is that it seems like it would be a good idea when faced with negative thoughts about myself, my day, my partner or anything else for that matter, to think to myself "Can I frame this another way?".
For example:

"Last night I had hardly any sleep"   versus   "I did get some sleep last night and it's a sunny day!"

"Oh no! my baby has woken up and I haven't finished my blog"   versus    "My baby has woken up, but my blog is nearly finished and there is still plenty of day left to get it done".

Yes, it's the glass half empty/ half full thing. Is your glass half full or half empty? I think its a profound question. For some reason, I always see a glass of milk when I think of this analogy (or is it a metaphor?) I guess it's not important really. What is important is that CHOOSING BETTER FEELING THOUGHTS means CHOOSING TO SEE THAT THE GLASS CAN ALWAYS BE HALF FULL!!!

It's all in the mind. I want to be fully conscious of how fortunate I am, all the time!! and ok I realise that sometimes things may seem tough and that life is full of challenge, but it is in my power to CHOOSE HOW I VIEW IT.
We are powerful beings and we can CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS. I like to think we can choose our experiences too, and in the immortal words of Ester Hicks and Abraham:

"The contrast of the bugs in the eye is a small price to pay for the exhilaration of that ride!"

Today, I am Thankful for contrast
 I am Thankful for the sunshine
 I am Thankful for my view of the hills
 I am Thankful for the birdsong outside my window
 I am Thankful for powerful smiling inspiration
 I am Thankful for the silhouette of trees against the sky
 I am Thankful for my friends near and far
 I am Thankful for the power of words
 I am Thankful for my full stomach
 I am Thankful for being such an incredibly fortunate being.

love Klara.

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