Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Have Fun Right Now


It's a stunningly beautiful day today and I'm still feeling playful, hooray!

I feel like a beautiful sun has risen in my mind, showering all the dark corners with the light of rediscovering a childhood Joy: PLAY!!!

I will be thirty-seven in March, and I have been a mummy since I was twenty-one! I have spent almost my entire adult life caring for my wonderful children, and although I have often read or heard of people who say that their children keep them young, I think that perhaps I had allowed or enabled the opposite to happen to me!

You see I took it all so seriously, I received quite a lot of criticism for becoming a mum so young (or at least I perceived that I received it!), so I was determined to do a fantastic job of it and be a brilliant mum. I am proud of my mothering, my children are happy and funny and kind, and this feels like success to me. My idea of being a good mum meant that I stressed about a lot of things, and gradually I think I forgot about ME, I gave up playing games and having fun and taking delight in my physical body.

Although I have played a great deal with my children, I often used to berate myself for not being one of those mums who is content to sit and play with their kids all day, and bake! I can bake a fantastic chocolate cake, but my house seldom smells of fresh bread....

However in the last couple of years I made a discovery which shone a bright light on why I found play so difficult; I was not entirely present. I used to try to play whilst allowing myself to think about something else, I don't know whether my children noticed, but it certainly spoilt the fun for me and I'm afraid that in my confusion I concluded that I was just not a playful person!

The idea that I am not playful makes me laugh out loud now! I have learnt to be in the present, focused entirely where I am physically, and yes it did take practice for me - the hardest part was that I had to convince myself that it was ok to think whatever it was that I wanted to think about later on, I wouldn't forget it entirely and nothing bad would happen; in fact quite the opposite, Something great happened!

                                                 I HAD FUN!!!

I believe I am here on planet Earth to have a physical experience, to create what I would love, to write to sing to draw and paint, and to have a beautiful time. It is so easy to forget to delight in the physical; aches and pains can get in the way, everyday life, paperwork, housework and whatever else needs to be done, but does it really all need to be taken so seriously? Couldn't we make the mundane fun? Find mirth in the banal? Glory in our own being-ness while we effortlessly glide through the world?

What would really happen if I make a game out of the laundry? I could time myself, make patterns out of hanging out the clothes, sing while I do it, take delight in all the wonderful fabrics and colours and textures which I can feel with my incredible skin and nerve endings.
What if I run down the isles in the supermarket and rearrange things on shelves while no-one is looking? What if I arrange all my items on the checkout in a humerous way? Who will care? Who will tell me not to? Who made the rules which say I ought not to rock the boat? Must I really pass unnoticed?



        Get Happy. Choose Good Feeling Thoughts. Have fun, play games. Look for the fun in life.

There are no awards for looking cool, no medals for mediocrity, only I witness my own life and until I work out what it is that I really want to say to the world, until I hone my unique talents, I am going to have fun just simply BEING ALIVE - breathing, eating, washing up, typing, sweeping the floor,

                               whatever you are doing - 
    Do It With Panache, do it with Style, do it with Humour and
                                            Enjoy it.

Today I am Thankful for drinking straws
I am Thankful for the swings in the park
I am Thankful for party poppers
I am Thankful for water slides
I am Thankful for gentle teasing
I am Thankful that I can take my life less seriously
I am Thankful for determination
I am Thankful for practice making progress
I am Thankful for swimming lakes
I am Thankful for climbing trees

love Klara.


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