Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Allow Allow Allow !!!!


I have been thinking today what to do when I find the behaviour of other people around me or towards me unharmonious! Here I am innocently (!) carrying on with my life when some other human says or does something which attracts the attention of my thoughts, which were merrily thinking about something delicious or delightful, suddenly the alarm is sounded: Someone has Wronged me!!!!

Thoughts leap into action, all the it won't do's, I ought to's, and how dare they's start queueing up and elbowing each other in the ribs like grannies at a jumble sale, all trying to seduce me into colluding with them. When I say seduce it makes me laugh because I can't think what is so seductive about unpleasant feeling thoughts?
Perhaps bait, coax, entice or lead astray would be a more accurate way of describing the action of those thoughts.

 I especially like to use the words harmonious and unharmonious when describing offensive behaviour of other people, maybe this is because music is such a big part of my life. If I think of my life as a beautiful song perfect in all its harmonics and then along comes somebody singing not only a different tune, or in a different key but a totally different modal style: we clash! Both songs were beautiful and perfect in their own distinct way, but right now they are discordant and unharmonious!

When I think of it in this way, nothing needs to happen except perhaps me moving away from that person so I cannot hear their song! And if that is not possible I can simply allow them to sing their song while I sing mine. Suddenly there is no need to retort, no need to find a solution, I do not have to insist or make anyone act any differently than they are. I simply have to allow.

If there is something I need to do, I can do it. If I cannot change the situation then there is no point in allowing myself to think about it, how long should one think for on a subject with no resolution? ZERO MINUTES, ZERO SECONDS, NO TIME, ZILCH. Again I am back to that point, that thinking about miserable things brings me down physically - it alters my body chemistry (see the post "Touched by Thought 26th January).

                                  BAD FEELING THOUGHTS ARE POISONOUS.

Indeed it is fundamentally important that in the face of pointless worry I should always do one thing:

                             THINK OF SOMETHING THAT FEELS    

                                              Jump into the sea of tranquility!

There are so many better feeling things to think about, and if I am really stuck I usually start by looking out of the window to the horizon. Out there are the trees, the beautiful sky, the fluffy ever changing clouds, the stars, the moon.....
Or I could think of people I love, my family, my children, my friends, or people I admire for example the Dalai Lama....

I could meditate, go for a walk, sing a song, dance to my favourite music, think about how fortunate I am......

The resource of possibilities is endless, the only limit is the power of my imagination.

 Today I am Thankful for the stunning pinky purply red sunset
 I am Thankful for my favourite hat that keeps my head warm and always leaves my hair looking great!
 I am Thankful for new and uplifting songs of joy
 I am Thankful for water pistols
 I am Thankful for all the harmonious people in my life
 I am Thankful for the Dalai lama's sense of humour
 I am Thankful for the times when it is cold enough for my breath to freeze so I can pretend I'm a dragon
 I am Thankful for meringues and extra thick double cream
 I am Thankful for foot rubs
 I am Thankful for the smell of freshly disturbed earth in the woods 

love Klara.

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