Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Ultimate Question!


I had a laugh at myself today, I have just noticed that on day thirty-nine I announced that it was day forty! So today being day forty-two I was going to write about the Ultimate Question; the answer to Life the Universe and Everything (think Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - the answer turned out to be forty-two......) anyhow seeing as it's actually day forty-one I will have to save the Ultimate Question for another day.........

I have noticed another aspect of my poor thinking practices which needs addressing - Taking Life Too Seriously!!!!

I wonder how many people actually take life too seriously? Of course it's a serious business, being alive.... or is it?

I am convinced that we are here in physical bodies to have a good time, to explore the beauty of the world and experience the wonder of being.
If we do not learn to use a pleasant sensible thinking pattern as we grow up, then I believe we can get the wrong end of the stick about life, take everything far too seriously and consequently have at least a bit of a rubbish time and at worst really struggle with everything about being human.

Every moment of our lives is transient, nothing on earth stays the same, everything continually changes, day after day comes and goes, the sun rises and sets and then rises again.

I have spent far too much of my life focusing in on what could have been momentary blips uttered and lost in space.......
So many times I have taken what somebody has thoughtlessly uttered and regurgitated it over and over in my mind "why why why oh why did so and so say that?". I have spent whole hours and even days chewing over and over again some remark or comment which hooked into my own personal velcro.
Or some small event could happen, I particularly like driving events "that Ba****d took my parking space, cut me off, didn't indicate!" and I could actually get cross, shout out loud even - my children staring on in amazement at my apparent madness - about an insignificant fleeting event; how ridiculous!!!!

I am learning to move on, move on, move on with my thoughts, something temporary can happen, which I then have the opportunity of overreacting to if I so choose, or I can simply focus away from it, velcro or no velcro. Why waste time feeling unharmonious even for a second if it can be avoided?

So what if other people do or say something unharmonious? Allow them to, let them get on with it! My energy or attention to it will only serve to bring me down into bad feeling thoughts.

If the same old situation keeps coming up to press your buttons it's probably worth having a good look under the velcro to see if something needs addressing or healing, or if I genuinely think that someone would benefit from my input on something they are doing which is unharmonious for me then perhaps it would be worth saying something??

When little things happen to me, around me or within me I am going to choose to forget them quickly, I am going to choose to shift my gaze quickly onto something which feels good, something I feel grateful for, Something I Feel Greatful for!

       Let's feel GREATful, I feel great, I feel greatful!!!!! I am full of Greatness.

I am back to that old Chestnut, of living in the soul, being new each moment, looking through the eyes of a new being everything can be fresh, not an old chestnut a new one!!

I am going to be hopeful, optimistic and trusting in life, rather that than be a cynic, a sceptic, scornful, pessimistic.......

I Love all the opportunities which arise in my life to allow me to practise shifting my focus 
I Love all the times I remember to laugh when I might frown
I Love learning new ways to feel good
I Love to sing
I Love the way our pupils dilate and contract
I Love today's sky
I Love the view from my window
I Love the feeling of progress
I Love candles in a power cut
I Love sweet cooking smells

love Klara.

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