Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Rampage of Appreciation for Mother Nature


I spent the day in Bristol today, and while my eldest daughter attended an audition my partner and I walked up and over the suspension bridge. I have avoided big cities pretty much my whole life, I had always found them oppressive, loud and jarring, but today I really enjoyed myself! My partner has a talent for researching wherever it is we are going and then telling me all the folklore of the place and leading me on interesting adventures where we see things I would have missed were I alone.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about today was that I felt really comfortable all day, in fact the only time I didn't was while I was crossing the suspension bridge, and my tummy was turning loop the loops, but I think that's fair enough as I was four hundred foot above the ground!
My next most favourite thing about the day was that my partner persuaded me to slide on my bottom down a rock slope which has been worn smooth and shiny by people's bums sliding down it over the years. I screamed most of the way down, it was exhilarating and fun and although I bruised my bum near the bottom (!) I was really glad I did it!

I definitely want to do far more exhilarating things while I'm alive, I need more play in my life. I wonder why or how I keep forgetting to be playful??? Be playful Klara!!! Life is a physical experience and it is supposed to be fun, playing is an essential component of a healthy mind and an important part of easily CHOOSING GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS.....

Everywhere we went today I joyfully noticed the way that Mother Nature is alive and growing all the time, there may be concrete and tarmac all over the ground but that doesn't stop her, so in gratitude for and in honour of Mother Nature today I will have

A Rampage of Appreciation for the unstoppable, irrepressible, Glory that is Mother Nature.....

I love it when I see the cracks in the pavement and I feel huge thanks when I peer into them and notice that earth is forming in them, I feel so grateful when I see that soon seeds will land in those cracks dropped by birds or animals or man and plants will grow in those cracks and Mother Nature will reclaim her land. 

I feel such huge loving gratitude when I see the ivy growing on derelict buildings, I love how the climbing roots burrow into the cracks and pull down buildings little tiny bit by little tiny bit, because Nature has time. I love it when I look to the roofs of houses and I see plants growing there in the gutters, I love that Buddlia a bush which attracts butterflies can grow with almost no soil pretty much everywhere. 

I give thanks for the lichens which colonise walls and pavements, and I give thanks for the mosses too which grow so happily across walls and decorate the work of man so luxuriously. 

I have huge gratitude when I see a hole in the wall which has been colonised by birds, I love it when they build their nests inside walls and I hear their chirping as I walk by. 

I give thanks for the trees which grow in towns and cities, I give thanks when I see the pavement buckled and lifted by the roots of the trees which have all the time in the world to slowly grow their way, whichever way they feel to grow and I feel so grateful that our seemingly permanent coverings on the earth have no choice but to make way for the power of growing roots. 

I give thanks for lands which cannot be effectively conquered by roads, I love that no matter how they are built the land continues to move and change meaning that the roads can never be permanent. 

I feel so much gratitude that when water gathers somewhere, however small the amount, it is not long before pond life occurs there, I love that there can be no clue as to from whence it came, but come it does, diving beetles and water boatmen appear as if by magic........

I have huge gratitude that Nature is irrepressible,  I love that Nature cannot and will not be contained. I have enormous loving gratitude that no matter what we do the earth continues to move and shape itself, life is unstoppable, brambles trail, birches pioneer, dandelions take root, mosses and lichens cover, and a whole myriad of other life forms continue to reclaim the streets and the land. 

Thank you Mother Nature.....

love Klara.

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  1. Thanks Klara - sounds like Imbolc's gotcha! Isn't it amazing, no sooner than the frost and snow have melted, up come the little germinating weeds in sheltered corners and the litte spikes of bluebells showing in the woods... it's all primed and ready to go again. Love the Jethro Tull and inspiring vid! love to you M x