Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Healthy Heart and A Healthy Mind


I'm in bed and it's nearly nine o'clock and I have absolutely no idea what to write about! I have had a really busy productive day. I have done lots of paper work and I have finally finished organising my bill payments and finances so I no longer have to give them a moments thought! Ha! I am very pleased with myself for doing this! I am patting myself on the back and smiling. 

On sunday the eighteenth of March (which is actually my birthday) I am going to my grandma's one hundredth birthday party! I am very excited about this, I have had the privilege of going to one other one hundredth birthday party, that of my Aunty Daisy when I was about ten (I'm sure my mum could correct me on this) and I don't remember it at all! Aunty Daisy lived until she was one hundred and one, and I remember her quite clearly, she lived in Hastings in an old people's home, she was very jolly. 

My grandma has always amazed me, it has always seemed to me that she has looked the same my whole life! I will always remember my younger sister saying when she was very little "Why is grandma's face stripy?" because grandma is very wrinkled!

What has most amazed me about grandma though is her outlook on life, up until she was ninety-eight she had lived alone for thirty years, she did all her own shopping and cooking, she frequently went to the theatre, she went on several holidays a year including not that long ago a cruise with my Aunty (her daughter) and her social life was so busy that if I wanted to visit I had to make an appointment! Her social life was busier than mine!!!!

Grandma is still completely compos mentis, and I am certain that the reason for her extreme well-being is her attitude to life. My grandma is always looking forward with enthusiasm to the next exciting thing on her agenda, she is often making plans, and she is always ready to laugh at herself or the world. 
Two years ago now, she had a fall in her flat and ended up in hospital, she had to have a hip replacement and spent six weeks in hospital. My children and I managed to visit her most days that she was there, she healed very quickly and frequently talked of going home and getting on with life. When she got home she got on with learning to walk again with sticks and walking frames and astonished her doctors with her swift recovery. Once she was well enough she set about moving house to live near her daughter eighty miles away! 

Anyway the point I am trying to make here is that grandma does not entertain rubbish thoughts, and she almost always focuses on the positive. I think I have only heard her mention discomfort once or twice over the last ten years and even then she did it with a smile on her face! I think her longevity and her well being are a direct result of HARMONIOUS THOUGHT PATTERNS, I believe she looks for the positive everywhere and keeps focused on productive thoughts. 

Grandma is an inspiration to me, she is walking talking proof that thinking good feeling thoughts is healthy. She is not a health food fanatic, she once said to me that she felt it was important to eat local food because it must be fresher, but apart from that I think she has just eaten and drank in moderation. I think the secret to her succes is self acceptance, self respect and joie de vivre, (and perhaps not a little stubbornness!). Grandma is kind and generous, but she is also frugal, and has taken no more than she needs from the world. 

I love my grandma, I am thankful for her everyday, I am thankful for the example she has set for me, she is an inspiration to me in my thought choosing mission. I am going to do my best to see the beauty in everything, look for the happy side of life and live to see my one hundredth birthday!!!!

Today I have loving gratitude for my grandma
I have loving gratitude for her smile
I have loving gratitude for her kindness
I have loving gratitude for the yummy soup she used to make for my children each time we visited
I have loving gratitude for the memories I have of being in her house as a little girl enjoying the peace and quiet there
I have loving gratitude for the one memory I have of sitting on grandpa's knee
I have loving gratitude for the grandmother clock on their sitting room wall
I have loving gratitude for the memory I have of grandma dancing round her sitting room with my children
I have loving gratitude for my whole family
I have loving gratitude for my winter gloves grandma gave me

love Klara. 

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