Monday, 6 February 2012

Being at Peace with 21st Century Nitty Gritties


It is day forty of my mission to blog for one hundred and twenty days about CHOOSING GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS! That's a whole third of the way through! 

I feel very excited about this!!!! At the moment I feel pretty sure it will last more than one hundred and twenty days, but we shall see.

Today I am addressing how to deal with my reactions to "bad news", and really I mean petty bad news, minor bad news, you know the kind of ordinary irritations which go with being alive in the twenty-first century? Things like unfair banking charges, parking fines when I have bought a ticket, angry neighbours informing the council that I have a traveler site in my garden because they don't enjoy the aesthetics of my existence so close to them......

I have had a tendency to overreact to these kind of experiences! and I have noticed that once I calm down the situation does not necessarily change, it's just that I have come to terms with it. So I would like to find a way to cut out the middle man! I would like to fast-track myself to acceptance and calmness. 

I am convinced that this overreaction is more poor mind behaviour, because as usual nothing needs to change except my attitude to the situation. I would like to set in motion in my mind a thought process whereby (for example) I receive the petty bad news, perhaps I take deep breaths, think of baby owls or otters for a while, notice that I am still alive, drink some water, do a little dance and then return to the bad news to see whether anything in my life as a whole has actually changed???

Poor mind behaviour can have many roots, recently I addressed my reaction to owing money, I used to feel like if I owed money on paper in print that it was a terrible crime! Wolves would be baying at my door, large burly men with broken noses would be turning up to remove my favourite sofa, the ground would soon be opening up to swallow me into a fiery hell.......
Anyway, you get the idea! I was afraid, and I thought rightly so. 
I discovered it was exactly that, A THOUGHT. Clearly if one has debts it is sensible to stay in communication with the creditors, let them know you care, that you would be paying if you could, take the action necessary to pacify them. 

Learning to feel OK about threatened action is a skill that I have happily acquired, I have discovered that how I feel about my debts makes not one iota of difference to their existence! They are there if I cry about them and still there if I smile, laugh or do a little dance!!!

I have even discovered that being in debt makes me more able to borrow money! What a crazy world!!!!!

                   THE WAY IT IS RIGHT NOW!

I choose to smile when I could frown, I choose to laugh out loud at the silly annoying nitty gritty red tapey tra la la nonsense co-created by the modern world......

I choose to do a little dance when my cupboard is bare and give thanks instead for the wonderful bounteous life I lead. I have always had enough to eat, (with only a couple of exceptions many years ago, which these days I get to relay as funny stories - and from one of which I learnt that after several days without food a Mars bar and a pint of lager is not the ideal thing to consume!) I have always had a comfortable place to sleep, and good company is out there and in my heart. 

                 Choosing Good Feeling Thoughts Serves Me

It serves me to shepherd my thoughts, to guide my mind into a happy place, at the very least because when I feel calm I am much better able to deal effectively and kindly with the boring agitations which exist in my life at the moment, I can fight them tooth and nail, or I can say "there there little banker crunch numbers more gently please!",
and at the very best I feel serene, healthy, capable, and in control of myself.....

Today I am Thankful for the jolly people in call centres who laugh at my over familiarity
I am Thankful for the post man (or woman) who carries all that paper
I am Thankful for my lungs so I can laugh out loud
I am Thankful for my legs so I can dance when I feel low
I am Thankful for my lovely friends
I am Thankful for coming into my house and taking all my clothes off and getting warm when I have got wet through in the rain
I am Thankful for the snow making the world beautiful and white
I am Thankful for scrambled eggs
I am Thankful for reaching day forty of my blog!!!

love Klara. 
I am Thankful for

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  1. Klara
    I recognise so much in what you say and i laughed out loud at you doing a little dance as I've had a little dance today too, after days of intermittent resenting and sobbing.
    I was gonna go tap dancing with my friend to lift me out of the blues but she was too tired, so i had a little dance on the spot. I've laughed out loud so many times today. Change your thoughts, change your mood. I love you Wild Crazy Woman xxxxxxxxx