Monday, 13 February 2012

How to Shift A Bad Mood!


Today I feel a bit stuck, my thoughts are being troublesome to me, I suppose broadly I am feeling like my life is not very enjoyable at the moment and that I would just like to sulk about that. I have resistance to what I know I must do in order to change the way I feel today! 

             I need to focus on Good Feeling 

I believe it is not really necessary to examine the thoughts I am currently producing, Why? Because I felt perfectly happy yesterday and there have been no external changes in the way my life is. The only thing that has changed is the way I am viewing my current reality. 

There are several things I can do now to shift my mode and therefore bring my mind into a place where I feel happy and can enjoy the rest of my day: 

Number 1. Mini Rampage of Appreciation 

I love my musical instruments, I am so grateful to have so many, it feels wonderful to just look at my guitar and know that I can pick it up and strum the strings and I will hear beautiful sounds. I love my guitar, I love it's smooth whiteness, I love it's tone, I love it's resilience and how it survived six weeks in the Outback underneath my car in the heat of the day, I love how it brought me so much company when I was alone out there. I give huge thanks for my guitar. 

I give thanks for my fiddles, my beautiful fiddles patiently waiting for me to pick them up and play again, I love the way they smell, I love the way they feel in my hands. I give great thanks for my lovely fiddles sitting silently in their cases. I have great gratitude for the way they fit snug against my neck and my whole head resonates when I play.

I give thanks for my piano, I love my piano, I love the contrast between the white keys and the black. I have huge gratitude for the way my piano fills the room and the whole house with sound when I play it. I love it's smoothness and the colour of it's delicate wood. 

Yes I love my musical instruments, I can't wait to have more time to play them, I sat in front of a friends piano the other day and just played a couple of scales with my baby on my lap and it felt lovely, I love the piano, it's just like a lovely old friend.........

Number 2: Think up some things I would love to experience.

I would love to spend a day at Bath Spa, spend time in the sauna relaxing in the steam, I would love to swim in the roof top pool especially at night watching the stars through the steam rising from the pool. I would love to glide around the indoor pool simply relaxing.....

I would love to spend the day at one of my favourite sea sides, perhaps at Dirdle Door in the summer, I would swim in the sea with a mask and watch the fish darting about in the kelp beds, I would sit on the beach trying to dig holes in the big and small pebbles, I would look up at the cliffs at the different layers of rock and think on the great age of the earth.....

I would love to grow lots of fantastic vegetables in my garden, I would love to go out in the summer and eat fresh peas from the stalks and eat baby broad beans straight out of their little velvety sleeping bag pods. I love the beautiful orangey-yellow flowers of the courgette plant. I love eating chive flowers and nasturtium flowers too......

I would love to do some more artwork, I love squeezing paint onto my palette, I love experimenting with my paints and I especially love painting on my walls. I would love to finish the painting I started when I was pregnant, I look forward to the day it is done and I can stand back and then start thinking what would I love to paint next?

Number 3: Write or say out loud a Loving Gratitude list

Today I have Loving Thankfulness for all the colourful birds which add flashes of bright beauty to my walks in the countryside
I have Loving Thankfulness for ants and the way they march about in lines in my garden
I have Loving Thankfulness for Forget-Me-Nots
I have Loving Thankfulness for fields of Dandelions like a reflection of the sun on the Earth
I have Loving Thankfulness for the mists when they hang like smoke below the Tor and being at the top feels like being on an Island in the middle of a huge grey sea
I have Loving Thankfulness for the day my fiddle strings were played by the wind on the beach and it sounded like the music of the queen of the fairies
I have Loving Thankfulness for the feeling of swimming in a deep cold river and not knowing where the bottom is
I have Loving Thankfulness for the daring and bravery that helps and inspires me to do exciting things which also scare me
I have Loving Thankfulness for the joy of seeing rainbows crossing the skies in conjunction with something exciting or poignant
I have Loving Thankfulness for the way that giving thanks makes me feel

I am not stuck any more, I can see that my life is full of happiness, love and fun. Again my life has not changed in any way, I have just altered the way I am thinking and my focus. It is amazing how what we choose to focus on shapes the way we think and feel. 
Today it wasn't so easy, I had a lot of resistance, I had to work at shifting my focus, but it was worth it. 


love Klara. 

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