Saturday, 11 February 2012

Clear the Confusion and let the Beauty In.


I have had a kind of revelation this morning! For me this is quite an exciting moment. My revelation has led me to wonder exactly how much of our thoughts represent the actuality of our own being-ness? and how much is simply a mask for something else, another red herring?

My own experiences have led me to believe that I can be viewing the world in one way, and be convinced of the accuracy of that view, only to discover later on that I was looking through a lens, seeing the world tainted by an experience or an understanding which has made the apparent alteration or overlaying utterly imperceptible. I had not linked the influencing experience in any way to the thought with it subsequently affected.

How can I be more clear? Um an example, in my early twenties I had a disturbing experience which unbeknown to me, left me with a view of the world which in the last couple of years was defined for me as being akin to post traumatic stress disorder. I accepted the thoughts and feelings which I subsequently had in the years following this experience as if they were 'true' and 'accurate' representations of reality (whilst I knew that my experience had been traumatic and that it had scarred me, I thought it was localised scarring; not broadly effecting my whole being) . I never connected the experience to the subsequent thoughts and feelings, and why should I?, they were not linked in their subject matter so I saw no relationship between them, and I am not a psychologist!

Two years ago it was highlighted for me that I should address the matter which had disturbed me all those years ago to clear any residual blockages it might have caused, and it was not until after I had done that that I noticed the shift in my perception of reality and the situations around me, most notably the way I reacted to other people, particularly those in a position of so called 'authority'. Suddenly people seemed more friendly, more trustworthy, and more attractive. I wondered what had changed and walked around for a couple of days feeling really curious, finally I had to admit that the only thing which had changed was me, I had changed on the inside and subsequently the appearance of the outside world had altered considerably!!!

If somebody had tried to explain to me that this was possible, or that the way I perceived the behaviour of the other people in the world was something to do with me, I would not have agreed, I could not have agreed! I just thought it was a fact.

My thought was not real!!! Even though thoughts can touch us physically, with their effects on our body chemistry and physical nature, they do not represent reality accurately they only reflect our perception of reality and what our experiences have led us to overlay onto reality, and consequently they do not need to be taken so seriously, in fact they may even be restricting our greatness and what it is possible for us to achieve and experience as divine spiritual beings having a physical experience.

This morning I was feeling low, I had very strong feelings about intimacy; I did not want any!!!! In fact in quite a cross and aggressive way, for a while I sat with it, and because I had an inkling that it was not 'true' - human beings love intimacy, affection and love,  I decided to tap on it. Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of my favourite ways of shifting, dissolving and healing sadness, pain or any unnecessary hindering emotions which are trapped in my physical and mental body. If you have not come across EFT check it out, you may love it or hate it, I just feel to share it.
 Here is a link to Brad Yates Wonderful EFT Channel

So I tapped on it, and in five minutes it was gone, gone, gone. I could have shouted for joy, the heavy confusion had left my body and my mind and I was free again to be unhindered in my expression of love. What a relief!!! What a burden I was carrying, and I hadn't really even noticed that it was not real! I looked at the circumstances of my life to try to understand it to absolutely no avail. It was simply a blockage, some mysterious thing I was holding on to for some imperceptible reason, perhaps I was getting energy from it somehow? Who knows? Who cares?

What matters to me is that the feeling is gone, the associated thoughts were not an accurate representation of reality.
We can CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS, and sometimes I need help shifting blockages, but this is all evidence for me that life can be wonderful, beautiful and peaceful if I am mindful of my thoughts and don't take them too seriously.

Today I am Thankful for EFT and Brad Yates
I am Thankful for the knowledge that my reality can change radically when I clear my emotional blockages
I am Thankful for the little rainbows created by sunlight through glass crystal balls
I am Thankful for the cooing of the doves on the roof
I am Thankful for the stillness in my house right now
I am Thankful for the sound of heavy rain on my window at night
I am Thankful for all my experiences 'good' and 'bad' 
I am Thankful for sudden clarity after confusion
I am Thankful for the warmth of beings
I am Thankful for the glory of the sun this morning

love Klara.

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