Saturday, 18 February 2012

I Shall Go to the Ball Because feeling good feels good!


This morning I was sent this beautiful video:

It was so funny because at first I had some bizzarre resistance to watching it (I didn't feel like watching anything) and it sat in my inbox for a while. When I finally got around to watching it I was blown away, rushes of excitement coursed through my body and as the film went on I became more and more excited and inspired by what the chap in the film had done.
In the name of Joy and Gratitude this man (Matt Harding) has travelled all over the world to share that happiness with other people and make a truly inspiring film!!!!!

What a rush! What an absolute breath of fresh air! A simple dance, danced with many other people from all different walks of life, all of them smiling, and all sharing a simple moment: Dancing our Joy to the world!

I love things like this, I would like to be sent an inspiring short film to watch every morning to start my day with, to align myself with all that is joyful, fun and exciting in the world, the very things I feel I came here for.

In my late twenties I moved into a house after roughly ten years of living outside, still to this day I miss the great outdoors, I especially miss being outside at night.
Any how on moving in to the house 'screen' caught up with me! I had been living without television or computers for a long time and I did not miss it, I declared myself technophobic, and still to this day I feel very much at home with just books and musical instruments for company.
However I now have to say that I REALLY LIKE THE INTERNET!!!! It feels like a confession, a naughty secret.....

I have discovered that the internet can be a wonderful thing! We no longer need to get on the radio, television or newspapers in order to share something amazing or life changing, we can simply put it on the internet and millions of other people all over the world can share it with us.

There is so much beauty out there in the world, there are so many wonderful inspired people doing fabulous things which bring smiles and gladness into our houses and into our hearts. Today I feel enormously grateful for those people like Matt Harding who turn a little silliness into a tool for sharing Joy.
I feel like the balance created by joyful media is essential in our current shared reality, I need this stuff, I need perspective. I am one tiny human being on a planet teeming with other beings in a whole myriad of genres, and although I would love to travel and plan to do so at some point in my life, I have not done much so far.
What enters my reality through my little corner of the world would be very different if it weren't for the internet.

My other reaction to this film was that I felt huge Gratitude that other people in the world feel that joy and gratitude are important enough to devote their life to sharing it. Sometimes I encounter people who question the validity of my mission to live a life of joy and gratitude. Perhaps I should be doing something more valuable, maybe there is another more practical, more productive way to achieve the greatness and happiness I am looking for in life? Maybe I should just give in an accept that I have depressive tendencies?

NO, Really?? Is there really anything more valuable, or more important than Mastering my mind? Is there really an alternative to healing my inner baggage and choosing to focus on the wondrous beauty of the World?

Maybe it won't work anyway? Perhaps I will continue to struggle for ever with my self?? NO no no, enough of the Nay saying, feeling good feels good and quite frankly what else is there out there (or in here) that is truly desirable?

So I am going to keep Choosing Good Feeling Thoughts no matter how hard it is, and I know for sure that I am not alone in the world on this mission, there is a crazy guy travelling the world doing a little dance and I look forward to meeting him and many others like him too.........

Today I have loving gratitude for Gratitude Dancers all over the world
I have loving gratitude for YouTube
I have loving gratitude for the internet
I have loving gratitude for people who share uplifting films
I have loving gratitude for the smiles on everyone's faces
I have loving gratitude for divine silliness
I have loving gratitude for people who can keep straight faces when other people are being very funny because that makes it even funnier
I have loving gratitude for our enormous human family
I have loving gratitude for my lovely friend who sent me that video xxx

love Klara.
I have loving gratitude for


  1. I'm with you on this:

    "Is there really anything more valuable, or more important than Mastering my mind? Is there really an alternative to healing my inner baggage and choosing to focus on the wondrous beauty of the World?"

    No. Not to me either.

    And I love the diversity in the world that means some people will think something else is more valuable (to them) and there are those that give in and accept their limitations as something they have to live with, but I'm not one of them.

    Trust your own path on the good days, and maybe especially on the less good ones, and you'll meet more people along the way who get it.

    I loved that video when I first encountered it too. It's so happy-making :-)

    1. Thank you for your comment, I do find trusting my path to be the hardest thing, especially when people question it, but that is probably the point when I should trust it the most.
      I never want to give in and accept my limitations xxx