Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thought Evolution and Love


 I have written my lovely blog every day now for six whole weeks! I started writing this to track my progress at CHOOSING GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS and to share the enormous GRATITUDE I have for my life.......
I also wanted to share the tools I have discovered which have been helping me to overcome the overwhelming sadness I have experienced in the past in winter.

So how am I doing?

Well first of all I have to say that in comparison to all the other winters that I have experienced, I have coped with this one the best so far, by a long shot! Over the last twelve weeks, since my revelation that I can guide my thoughts and effectively choose what I think about, I have had a very enjoyable time! Weather wise it has been a pretty dark damp dreary winter, the sky has been grey a lot of the time, more recently there has been some really cold wether and my favourite kind of winter weather: bright blue sky, freezing cold crispy air and full sun.

But this is not a weather report!

Emotionally I have had a fantastic time, and whilst it's true I have had my ups and downs, the downs have been very short lived, the longest being about three hours - I have also had maybe three or four reasonably long bursts of misery (up to an hour) - but appart from that the blues have been momentary!
My efforts to actively shift my thought focus to something which feels good have been successfully keeping me on an even keel!

This morning I found myself thinking again about Dr Masaru Emoto and his frozen water crystals - (check it out if you haven't already, the structure of water crystals changes according to what you say to it, what music you play it and how you act towards it).
The figures are always different depending on where you look, but the human body is roughly 65% water, so this morning I was thinking again about the water in my body and how those crystals might look if we froze me and had a look. Obviously that would be impractical, so I will just have to guess.

I am enjoying imagining that the water in my body were we able to see it would be forming beautiful crystals, and the more beautiful loving thoughts I think about the world and myself, the more beautiful my water crystals are becoming.

I used to think quite a lot of destructive and unkind thoughts about myself, but since beginning my thought choosing mission I have eliminated them almost completely. I now find it easy to think pleasant good feeling thoughts about many aspects of myself. A few years ago I remember watching Bob Proctor in 'The Secret' kiss himself, at the time I thought it was a bit odd, but I get it now, and I kiss myself too....

I love and adore myself, I tell myself daily that I am brilliant, beautiful, strong, interesting, funny and many other things. I smile at myself in the mirror and admire my reflection, I want my body to know and feel loved by me, because I live in this body and I want it to last a lovely long time.

Today I am Grateful for my strong beautiful body
 I am Grateful for my wonderful family
 I am Grateful for the comfort of my home
 I am Grateful for babies belly laughs
 I am Grateful for my piano
 I am Grateful for the beautiful weeping willow in my garden
 I am Grateful for the green green grass
 I am Grateful for winter blooms
 I am Grateful for my browny green eyes
 I am Grateful for my healthy heart

love Klara.

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