Friday, 24 February 2012

A New World to Discover....


I had a great day today, for most of it I pottered about in the house tidying and organising and playing with baby, and then at three o'clock I went to a friend for a massage. 

                            WOW, massage!!!! 

About ten years ago I was given a gift token for a massage and was thrown into a complete panic! Massage in my mind was for naked Scandinavians frolicking next to fjords, and uninhibited people who wore caftans and lived in comunes. No, really I just didn't really like people touching me! Wow what a confession. It feels like a bombshell. 

In fact it was not a problem for me, I did not feel any great need for that kind of touch and I had the fantastic good fortune to have a strong and powerful body which up until recently did not need any assistance. 
So I dutifully and perhaps a little ungratefully went for my massage all those years ago, I was very nervous and felt very strange face down on a table looking through a hole at the bits of fluff on the floor! I seem to remember enjoying it very much, however the next day I came down with an overwhelming cold and sore throat and felt run down for days. 

I have had quite a few foot rubs since then but that is all, where am I going with this? Ah yes, today's massage.....
The massage today was fantastic, yes I felt a little uncomfortable, what do I have to take off? Would it hurt? Would I enjoy it too much?

It was a brand new experience for me. Hooray a new experience, this really excited me!!! Not only did I come away feeling a lot more supple and mobile (which was the object and reason for going in the first place - to help me stop hobbling) but I had made an entirely new discovery - massage awakens the body, enlivens it, and it seems to me brings a whole new aspect to having a physical experience! 
I'm sure there are plenty of people who already knew this, but I didn't. I am here on Earth for a physical experience and now it seems to me there is a whole new aspect of physicality for me to experience and investigate.

For many years now I have been going to festivals and walking around the healing areas as a kind of spectator, and a skeptical one at that! Sorry healers! Firstly I thought healing was for sick people and secondly I could not see what all the fuss was about? So many different treatments: Indian Head Massage, Gong Baths, Foot Washing, Two person Hawaiian massage, Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, Hopi ear candles to name but a few! 
I would quickly scoot round the area, purely out of curiosity and then make a quick retreat, especially if someone should talk to me, they might have tried to touch me, heaven forbid!

I think I get it now!!!! I have a big smile on my face as I write this, I want to try it all out. I want to experience my sensuous body in every way that I can. At some point during my massage today the masseuse was working on my shoulder and the sensations were unlike anything I have experienced before, it was a kind of exquisite tickle, almost orgasmic as though something huge was being released. I was quite blown away by this. 

I have been sent into a kind of reverie for my body that I have never experienced before, what a creation, what a gift! A sensuous human body which I now want to explore! Hooray! 
I really feel that I can completely dispense with the idea that I don't want other people to touch me! It almost seems laughable! I look forward to trying out all the different physical treatments I can, as soon as possible. It also feels exciting to have a new way of interacting and communicating with other human beings, I am sure that it is part of our purpose here on Earth, otherwise we might as well be alone....

This is a big advance for me on my journey to a serene mind, a happy healthy mind must be intrinsically connected to a happy supple healthy body. I am excited, again I feel as if I am making progress. It's my birthday soon, I know what I'll be asking for!

Today I am Thankful for Nadia and her massage skills
I am Thankful for the healing powers of my body
I am Thankful for Healers all over the world
I am Thankful for new ways to communicate love and humanity
I am Thankful for touch
I am Thankful for night time walks
I am Thankful for being able to walk more fluidly again
I am Thankful for new discoveries
I am Thankful for strong hands
I am especially Thankful to discover a whole new world to explore right on my doorstep

love Klara. 

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