Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Eat Your Way To Good Feeling Thoughts


What are negative thoughts and where do they come from?

 What on earth is the point of them? What is the purpose of a thought which by it's nature is so unhappy or unkind that it demotivates the person having it? Some of my thoughts are so negative that if I allow them to multiply, or if I believe what they are telling me it can lead to me loosing my urge to do anything, my motivation disappears and I slump physically and emotionally.

I find this confusing, if one was to look at human kind from a survival point of view, for example if I was living in a more "natural" way, tribally or as a hunter gatherer, thoughts like these could mean death by starvation or as a sabre tooth tigers dinner! Of course it would be impossible to really discover whether early man suffered from depression, or seasonal affective disorder, but it seems unlikely.

One thing that has been researched though is the correlation between diet and the development of the human brain, historically there is a link between eating omega three and omega six fatty acids and the occurrence of depression in humans (people began eating large quantities of these about 200,000 years ago in mostly in the form of fish and seagreens )- where people eat very little of these substances there is a much larger occurrence of depression. Two thirds of our brains are made of very precise fats and to produce them we need to eat cold water fish like mackerel and sardines, sunflower and sesame seeds, avocados and walnuts,

I do not believe having a predisposition to thinking bad feeling thoughts is entirely dietary, modern living and the structure of our society is implicit too. However having researched this and spent some time thinking about my diet past and present, I have never eaten much of this utterly essential stuff, so here comes an eating experiment!!! I wonder how I can effect my thought patterns with more correct fatty eating? Watch this space! (I've always wanted to say that!)

                     Clearly what is needed is a considerable amount of effort! 

I am willing to make the effort to choose good feeling thoughts even when it feels pointless (which actually isn't that often) but I am utterly intrigued at the idea that perhaps my brain simply isn't working properly? If all those essential fats are missing from my diet my brain may just be coping as well as it can under the circumstances, which is another reason to pat myself on the back for doing so well as to be trying to adjust my thinking patterns in the first place!

Yes as usual I have found something to feel good about, something in my day to feel proud of, to be pleased about. I keep trying when I could give in, I keep searching and reaching for GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS.......

Today I feel loving gratitude for valentines day where I remember the people I love
 I feel loving gratitude for new possibilities
 I feel loving gratitude for research on the human brain
 I feel loving gratitude for my sleeping baby
 I feel loving gratitude for blueberries
 I feel loving gratitude for the luxury of only having to go to the shops to get my food
 I feel loving gratitude for the fish which I will eat
 I feel loving gratitude for avocados from all over the world
 I feel loving gratitude for penguins
 I feel loving gratitude for polar bears

love Klara.

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  1. I feel loving gratitude for people like you who make me smile :)