Monday, 20 February 2012

Feeling Good for it's own Sake


I have been hobbling around all day after a night of pain in my hips and it's given me another opportunity to think about thoughts and feelings and what purpose they serve. What with the hobbling and a rather unproductive day, I could be thinking a lot of negative thoughts right now...

However this morning I was joking with my ten year old daughter about angry feelings, we were remembering a time when a friend tore off his wing mirror driving too close to a hedge, he simply shrugged and put the mirror in the vehicle and drove on. My daughter, who was very little at the time, and I were rather surprised at his seemingly cavalier attitude, and upon questioning he simply asked "Will being angry fix the wing mirror?"

This now reminds me of something Brad Yates ( eft Wizard ) often says in his videos: "I can't get angry/sad/frustrated enough to change this" or "how angry/sad/frustrated to I need to get to change this event?" 

Suddenly today this seemed so obvious, so poignant; what do I achieve by being upset about my circumstances? and the answer will always be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER!!!!
The only thing which happens if I am upset is that I feel rubbish, that's it, final. 

Perhaps if I am upset around other people they will give me energy by sympathising or trying to find solutions for me and maybe sometimes that will be what I want, but if that's not what I want, or if I am alone then being upset will do diddly squat for me other than serve to immobilise me, or in that rather unpleasant way known as Murphy's law, it could make things worse........

My fury could lead to me not paying proper attention to my path and I could stub my toe, or my sadness could alter my perception enough for me to slip on a banana skin, or maybe I could just be so miserable that in my self absorbed wallow I could misinterpret my children's behaviour and be inadvertently unkind. 
Think downward spiral, it never rains but it pours...

So this particular train of thought led to my conclusion this afternoon that my misfortunes today were just that, misfortunes, and for a while I teetered on the brink of something which turned out to be a good mood, a sunny disposition, a kind of "oh well, what to do?" Que Sera Sera? (Which apparently is ungrammatical made up Spanish!).

Eventually I had to admit it, my brain was CHOOSING GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS ALL BY ITSELF!!!!!
What I mean by that is that the tendency to or addiction for thinking unharmonious feeling thoughts and sliding down into feeling miserable with all it's attendant brain and body chemistry, is disappearing! 
Perhaps new pathways are being made by my dendrites, perhaps I have made a simple but rather obvious discovery? 

Either way, it matters not! Another step has been taken towards self Mastery! It really feels as if I have made a breakthrough, there is nothing to gain by allowing unpleasant feeling thoughts to have free reign of my brain! Thinking unharmonious thoughts achieves nothing! 

However, the thinking of GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS does achieve something thoroughly desirable: feeling good!

That's what I'm here for! I'm having a human experience for the harmonious feelings! and ok contrast is useful for honing our preferences, but once we have tried out all the bad feeling thoughts and feelings is there any need to carry on choosing them? Now I know that I can feel good even when things appear to be unharmonious, what does that make of harmony? 

Today I am thankful for the lesson that feeling bad achieves nothing desirable to me
I am thankful that I can choose to feel miserable or happy
I am thankful for My Choice
I am thankful for my autonomy
I am thankful for the spring songs of the birds
I am thankful for inspired thoughts
I am thankful for good feeling thoughts
I am thankful for all the good nights sleeps I have had in my life
I am thankful for hearty meals
I am thankful for honesty

love Klara. 

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