Sunday, 12 February 2012

Do You Know You Can Do Anything?


After writing my post yesterday on the confusing nature of some thoughts, I found myself thinking about the true purpose of thought, here I am on Earth with this incredible mind and no real instruction on how to actually use it for my greatest good!

Like many others, I had the dubious fortune of attending 'school' from age five to sixteen. Mmmmm school, a place where they 'Educate' you!  School! A place to have limits set on your paradigm!  Imagine if someone said to our parents:
 "Let me teach all my limiting beliefs to your child, label what I think are all her strengths and weaknesses, and give her extra lessons on the weaknesses (think persuading a squirrel to practice swimming and spend less time climbing) tell her she must do as I say simply because I am an adult in authority and generally convince her she must fit in with 'normal' accepted forms of thinking, working and being in the world, oh and destroy her autonomy by punishing her when she does not do what I want and reward her when she does, thereby making her able and willing to be an obedient member of the tax gathering rule setting club we call 'society'" would they still have sent us?

Obviously experiences at school vary widely, and many teachers are dedicated to helping children grow emotionally, physically and spiritually. Some schools are clearly better than others, but in my experience there are very few schools operating in a way that develops creative thinking, true spiritual growth, or how to navigate life in an optimistic, unlimited state of mind, where the young adult leaves the establishment with the knowing that anything is possible.

I am in the process of learning how to think, now, age thirty-six! I am learning how to go with good feeling thoughts and how to stop the train of unharmonious thoughts and redirect it to more productive good feeling thoughts.
A couple of years ago I came across the Japanese word 'Kangaeru' - 'to think', etymologically this word actually means 'to return to the realms of God'. True thinking is not simply the shuffling or recycling information, which is what I have spent much of my life doing, it is something more akin to attaining a peaceful present state of mind, which is capable of receiving inspiration and creative ideas from a divine source.

Each day that I spend learning not to dwell on, or even waste any of my precious time on pointless, destructive, wasteful, miserable trains of thought, each day I spend slightly more time in a quiet and peaceful state. I have become very present, I have learnt a skill which baffled me utterly for many years; being entirely focused where I am.

Since doing this more and more, I have begun to also have more and more inspired thoughts. I have particularly noticed the arrival of this inspiration following my practicing visioning of a certain kind. When I have something which I am used to not looking forward to, or that I might usually dread, something which I have past experience of not really enjoying (back to history again), I simply imagine myself enjoying that event, I am not specific about what I want to happen in any way except that I feel how it might feel to enjoy the event.

Following this exercise one or both of two things usually happens; either I thoroughly enjoy the previously dreaded event, or an inspiration will come to me before the event of something I could do to make it an occasion for me to celebrate. Either way I usually have a good time, filled with GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS.

Our minds are capable of so much, we have boundless creativity, and I am determined to use mine to the best of my ability to it's fullest extent. I am going to return to the realms of God, here on earth, with my mind, with my thoughts.
I am here on earth to have a beautiful creative time, I promise to learn to use my mind for the benefit of all beings.

Today I am Thankful for wonderful teachers
 I am Thankful for peaceful moments
 I am Thankful for starry skies
 I am Thankful for divine inspiration
 I am Thankful for my delicious dinner
 I am Thankful for the opportunity to change my mind
 I am Thankful for the people who make me laugh
 I am Thankful for delicious gravy
 I am Thankful for frozen peas
 I am Thankful for smooth pebbles

love Klara.

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