Thursday, 26 January 2012

Touched by Thought.


Today I feel good, I feel healthy and I feel strong. I just re-read my Recipe for Joy post it made me smile, and for a while I paused and felt out Hugging.
Hugging is so important and so underrated, and I have just made a discovery! I was able to imagine hugging people and with each person I envisioned hugging the hug felt different, and not just subtly different but as if I were hugging that actual individual and receiving their own particularly special way of hugging and sharing and transmitting love. I felt as if I had been hugging my friends for real, or rather in real time (I'm going to stop here with the real thing as that leads to an altogether different tangent - what is reality?).

However this brings me back to thoughts of how thoughts really work and how they affect us physically?

I always took it for granted that thoughts were not real, and by that statement I mean not physical. Physical is defined in many ways, but in particular pertaining to that which is material, in other words you can touch it. I can't touch my thoughts, BUT THEY CAN TOUCH ME!
It is well documented that thoughts affect the physical processes of the body, for example worry can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea and chest pains to name but a few, whilst laughter releases endorphins from the pituitary gland which produce a delicious feeling of well being. So if the effects of thoughts are physical it would surely be wise to consider the thoughts themselves as physical?

Thinking unpleasant thoughts about myself, anyone or anything else must be akin to handling toxic substances - it's poisonous!! Bad feeling thoughts put the body under stress and quite a lot of the time the thoughts that were thunk were thunk for no good reason! You know the kind - pointless worries, focus on other people to distract from oneself, self deprecation etc. Oh my word! How many times a day do you think BAD FEELING THOUGHTS?
I know that at this stage in my development (week 11 into my thought choosing mission) I think unpleasant feeling thoughts perhaps every other day, I haven't been counting individual thoughts (!), I would have needed some kind of tally counter before I set off on my mission, particularly in winter.........

Earlier today I had an unpleasant feeling thought, and I could have followed that train of thought, but something interesting happened; I experienced a counter thought and it was something like "No, I know where that can lead, and I'm not going there!" and the next thing I did was to look out of the window for something beautiful to focus upon. What a success! It brought with it a rush of good feeling, simply for my progress!      
                                          I have made progress!!!!
           I have successfully changed an old thought pattern!

 and I know for sure that there is a change because the shift away from the negative path was automatic, it required no conscious effort whatsoever. I am now having a Mrs Doyle moment! (smug! in a good way!).
How wonderful.
Today's blog took time, there were frequent interruptions and I had to keep going off to be mummy, but I see now that it was a good thing. I had all day to work out and notice that I have made progress. I learnt last year to look for progress and I'm very grateful for that.

Today I am thankful for my progress
I am so thankful that I kept trying even when it seemed that I wasn't progressing
I am thankful for my friend who inspired me into thought choosing action
I am thankful for all the people who have ever hugged me
I am thankful for the people who share their wonderful discoveries which help others to live in peace and happiness
I am thankful for glorious sunshine
I am thankful for the feel of the rain on my face
I am thankful for the vision of huge rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds
I am thankful for contrast
I am thankful for my life

love Klara.

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