Sunday, 1 January 2012

Seeing the woods amongst the trees

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Its day three for me and I'm feeling pleasant thoughts mixed with the odd spell of persistent, unruly and occasionally malevolent thoughts......

Today and for the last few days I have been dealing with what I like to label as the con-men of the thought world - what does this mean?  - I mean those thoughts which convince me that they need to be thought, more than that, that they ought to be thought, I really must think them, if I don't think them perhaps something bad could happen to me, something I hadn't considered, I should think about what that might be.... and so it begins!

Why do i call them con- men? Firstly that these thoughts are at best unnecessary, and at worst malevolent, is often hard to spot at first, they come in all different shapes and sizes, but above all they have a very convincing nature, they simply must be thought! Perhaps some examples would help in defining them (strictly from my imagination of course!):

1. Who drank the christmas bottle of Port? Why didn't they save me any? Why didn't they consider me? Hmmm selfish, greedy buggers, they don't care about me, I'm not interesting etc.

2. The house is a mess, whose fault is it? I'm always tidying,no one else ever does any house work, people treat me like a servant etc.

3. If only my childhood had been more loving/exciting/affluent/(fill in your gripe here .........), I would not have these problems, I would be more successful, my house would be bigger, my car would be faster, I would have better relationships, I would be happier, taller, more inteligent etc. 

4. How am I going to deal with so-and-so tomorrow? They stole my bike/ ate my hairbrush/ ruined my life. What will I say to them, maybe I could say this? or that? what would their reply be? If I think about it enough maybe I can imagine anything they might say and therefore have an answer for anything, actually maybe  I could negate even the need to have a conversation at all?

I believe that none of these thoughts actually serve any real purpose other than to bring me down, I think that I need to think them and that once they are thunk I will have some useful answer or solution, But will I? Really? they are actually never-ending and will continue to reproduce in their own likeness ( just like bacteria, sometimes exponentially) until something happens to STOP THEM. 

If a con-man turned up at your door, how long would it take you to recognize him ?(or her), and once you had realised that said person was a fraud, how long would it be before you showed him (or her) the door? would you make them tea? would you let them sleep in your bed or wipe their mucky feet on your brand new sofa? NO I'm sure that like me you would tell them in no uncertain terms to hoppit, sling their hook, clear off, etc.

So surely unhelpful, pointless, miserable, troubling, pernickity, irrelevant, or just downright rude thoughts should be treated in exactly the same way. Its simple - SHOW THEM THE DOOR- this is your human experience, the body has often times been described as the temple which houses the soul, and so this body is MY temple, MY house and I shall CHOOSE  to make it FUN to entertain happy, beautiful, sublime, gentle, considerate, useful, world changing thoughts, and I shall choose to think as many of those enjoyable thoughts as I can throughout my life, I shall decorate my temple, my house with those delightful thoughts.......

So I choose to stop being a historian of my own life, I choose to stop thinking as part of my daily thought of those things that worry me, of those things which I cannot change right now,  but instead I shall look for solutions and if there are no obvious ones that FEEL GOOD then I'm going to actively APPRECIATE what beauty I have in my life instead.

“If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it's not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.” 
Dalai Lama XIV

Inspired thought comes when I feel happy and relaxed.

Today I give thanks for the trees
I give thanks for the incredible diversity of their form
I give thanks for the shade and shelter in summer from their leaves and the stark beauty of their naked silhouettes against the winter sky
I give thanks for the homes they provide for beasts and birds of all shapes and sizes
I give thanks for the magnificent shape they give to our countryside
I give thanks for all the wonderful services which they provide to humanity
But most of all I give huge thanks for the utter joy which they bring to me just with their presence.

love Klara

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