Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Recipe for Joy!


I have to have a good laugh today! Partly at myself, and partly with relief. I woke feeling OK today and upon coming downstairs I had a slump, and my partner said to me "Sing!"


Of course! What are the ingredients of Joy? If there was a recipe for Joy what would it be?

Essential Ingredients:
Have a shower
Favourite clothes
Large glass of cool clear water
Stand up straight
Look to the horizon
Pictures of Kittens/puppies/wolf cubs/seal cubs
Hug someone


Have a shower; showers, waterfalls, fountains, sea spray and rainwater are an abundant source of negative ions which are hugely beneficial to the feeling of well being.

Follow this shower by putting on your favourite most comfortable clothes to be Ready for Joy to arrive, Joy won't mind if you look your best but if you happen to catch sight of yourself in a mirror YOU will be pleased.

Drink a large glass of cool water; dehydration leads to poor brain function, memory loss, a multitude of aches and pains and a severe lack of energy, ordinary body functions expel up to a gallon of water every twenty four hours and it needs replacing with clean water; try loving it too!

Stand or sit up straight! Poor slumped posture leads to reduced amounts of oxygen getting to the brain; energy levels plummet and negative emotion is invited in. Or adopt a posture which you associate with confidence or good humour - scientists (!) have found that adopting a winning posture can induce winning feelings!

Looking to the horizon helps with good posture but also there is much unnoticed beauty on the horizon, walk around with your head down and you will only see the dirt...

Look at some pictures of cute furry animals, this works for me to feel more loving and content.

Hug somebody, anybody! Get some physical contact if you can, hugs lower blood pressure, reduce stress and increase nerve activity and of course feel marvellous! Hugs are free and are 100% wholesome!

Shout words of joy to the world! Use your voice!

Run/jump/hop, go on just for the sake of it, it increases your heart rate and this is good for all round health, also I feel like a child again, in the best possible way; invigorated and alive!

Dance dance dance your favourite or silliest dance, do it just because it feels good!

Sing, sing, sing!

I can't believe that I had got so caught up in the art of feeling good that I had forgotten to sing! No wonder I wasn't feeling so good! I am laughing out loud as I write this! I have spent a large proportion of my life singing, learning and writing folk songs. (If you are interested you can find some of my work here:http://www.forcenra.com/listen-to).
Singing is my heart and soul connection to the divine, and although I do sing everyday, I have not for some time just done it purely for the sheer joy and passion of it!

So today I have sung, loudly and boisterously, quietly and softly. I can't believe it's possible to get pulled or pushed, drawn or seduced so far from one of my major passions in life, but it is! And I'm pretty sure it's happened before......

Today I am thankful for songs of Joy, ancient and modern
I am thankful for my vocal chords
I am thankful for my powerful lungs
I am thankful for the oxygen in the air
I am thankful for hugs
I am thankful for clean water
I am thankful for warm clothes
I am thankful for new songs
I am thankful for old passions re-ignited
I am thankful for the voice of my Soul

love Klara.

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