Friday, 27 April 2012

Day One Hundred and Twenty!


                               Amazing, incredible, fantastic! 

It's day one hundred and twenty! Do you hear the overture of trumpets blowing? Yes, good, so do I!
I am super pleased to have made it to my original goal to CHOOSE GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS at all times! I have done my best, and sometimes my best was better than others! 

                                                    So what happens now? 

I have of course decided to carry on writing everyday for as long as the spirit moves me to, it turns out that writing this blog is one of the best, most healing things I have ever done for myself! 

Today is the 27th of April 2012, on the fifteenth of November 2011 I had the revelation, with a very lovely friend of mine, that 

                       I have the Power to Choose my thoughts!
                                        ALL THE TIME! 

I had been suffering from seasonal depression for as long as I can remember and was struggling with what I perceived to be a rather gloomy winter, suddenly it was revealed to me that happiness had nothing whatsoever to do with the weather! 
                                                    Happiness is a choice. 

If I sit and focus upon everything that I find unharmonious about my life, it comes as no great surprise that I will feel miserable, and if I sit and think of everything which I find harmonious about my life I will soon start to feel uplifted, joyous and happy. 
I like many other people I am sure, had mistakenly believed that happiness was dependent upon my circumstances, other people meeting up to my expectations and the weather (I do not doubt that people suffer from seasonal difficulties, without vitamin D sourced from the sun we are not able to function in many ways).

I now know that my happiness comes from deep inside me, it is dependent on my focus, when I focus on things which I find harmonious I feel marvellous. I would even go so far as to say that not only is happiness dependent on my focus, but that my circumstances are actually dependent on my happiness, not the other way around as I used to believe, how ironic! 

To begin with I felt as though there was little in my life that I could focus on to bring out the happiness which was locked inside me, so I started small, and before long using the Power of Gratitude I realised that I lead an incredibly blessed life and as long as I focus on all the things for which I am grateful then I can feel just how blessed I am.

              It really is a matter of putting on those rose tinted glasses and keeping them on! 

To unlock my happiness and feel the power of Gratitude I simply think of all the things which I love and imagine that they are gifts which have been given to me and with all my heart I say 
                              Thank you!

I consider myself a shepherd of my thoughts; I can do my best to choose good feeling thoughts, and when unharmonious thoughts arise, as they are wont to do from time to time, I can guide my mind back to happiness and gratitude.

The journey of writing this blog has brought so much inspiration and wisdom into my life, I am so grateful for the opportunity which arose for me to write it, and I am committed to continue writing it for as long as it benefits me. 

Hooray for day one hundred and twenty, hooray for many more days of blog writing! 

Today I Have Great Loving Gratitude for Loving Gratitude
 I Have Great Loving Gratitude for everything I have learnt while writing this blog
 I Have Great Loving Gratitude for my life
 I Have Great Loving Gratitude for my computer
 I Have Great Loving Gratitude for my vocabulary
 I Have Great Loving Gratitude for my blessings
 I Have Great Loving Gratitude for the choice of happiness
 I Have Great Loving Gratitude for the wonderful ever changing sky
 I Have Great Loving Gratitude for onions
 I Have Great Loving Gratitude for Love

love Klara.

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