Saturday, 28 April 2012

Filling Up My Own Cup!

Good Morning

When it is all quiet in my house, and everyone is out and I feel peaceful and calm and I sit down to write my blog, I wonder what to write? This has been happening more and more frequently to me lately (the quiet house bit, and thankfully not the what to write bit!), my baby who is now nine months old has reached the time where she is happy to be away from me for one to two hours so off she goes with her daddy and here I am at home in a quiet house!

The temptation to get up and do housework is almost overwhelming! When I have a small baby the thing which get left to slide first is always the housework. Today the house is not so bad, I have seen it much worse, it may be perhaps that I just rather like housework.....

So why don't I just get up and do it then if it's so enticing? Well really it is because I can actually do it with baby! The point of not holding the baby is that I get to take some time for myself, and so here I am writing, because I not only do I love to write but also the act of writing this blog, about CHOOSING GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS, serves to realign me with my purpose. 

I have found that sitting down everyday and writing about whatever is going on in my life, my inspirations, and my discoveries is extremely cathartic; not only that but it helps to bring to me better understandings about my thoughts and my life, and it also helps to bring my goal, TO THINK MYSELF INTO HAPPINESS EXACTLY THE WAY MY LIFE IS RIGHT NOW, right into focus.
By the time I have finished writing a post I am feeling at the very least jolly and optimistic, and at the very best  ecstatic, joyful and hugely thankful.

I do believe that taking time to be alone, doing the things which make me feel good is an integral part of feeling good. In the same way that children need their little cups to be filled with love and attention from their loved ones, I believe that adults also need to fill their own cups with self loving acts, which serve to make us feel love; the love of ourselves.

Care and attention to my own needs is vitally important to my own well being, this whole blog came about as a response to my souls cry for help (years of seasonal depression was beginning to affect my daily life all year round), the act of sitting down alone and writing is turning out to be a wonderful way of loving myself. My joie de vivre is back, maybe not everyday yet, but for a whole lot of the time I feel marvellous, and not only that, I feel more at peace with where I am in life than I could ever have hoped for and I know that there is still more to come! 

I feel at peace and enormously grateful that I have found a way to be happy in the world, exactly the way it is right now, and maybe I am helping other people at the same time by sharing my experience, what a beautiful thought......

Today I have Loving Gratitude for my life and my story so far
I have Loving Gratitude for the computer on which I write this blog
I have Loving Gratitude for the space and time in which I write it
I have Loving Gratitude for the housework which gives me great satisfaction when it is done
I have Loving Gratitude for all the loving thoughts I have for myself
I have Loving Gratitude for all the peaceful sounds when my house is empty
I have Loving Gratitude for the joy of the return of my family
I have Loving Gratitude for all the inspiration still to come
I have Loving Gratitude for redbush tea and oatmilk
I have Loving Gratitude for my mum

love Klara. 

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