Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I'm Singing and Dancing In The Rain!


I love rainy days and I mean the kind of days when it rains properly all day long, great big drops of drenching rain - the kind where an umbrella just won't do, somehow the air is so moist that it finds it's way into clothes and shoes and after I have been out in it my hair dries all wavy just like when I have been swimming in a river. 

This morning somebody actually said to me 'good weather for ducks!' which was something my mum used to say on rainy days when I was a child, I wonder if it really is good weather for ducks? It certainly is good weather for the land, all the plants must be heaving a great sigh of relief and contentment! 

I really love the rain, which is a good thing living in a country where it rains so much! They say there is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing and I would have to agree with that! 

Yesterday my baby and I were watching a big group of children in the park, they were playing football and it suddenly began to rain really heavily and then to hail stone! The children all shrieked and laughed and ran under the cover of the play equipment, every so often one of them would run out and dance about in the storm while all the rest shouted and laughed. It was such an uplifting experience watching them all having a really good time out in the rain. 

Those children brought to mind just how good it feels to be in the moment and to be free enough to play there, unhindered by thoughts of shoulds and ought tos. When we are children there is no need to think much beyond the moment (or at least there shouldn't be) rain is something to play in, I remember how much joy jumping in puddles brought me when I was small, and then as I got older I used to love riding through them on my bike the water spraying up either side of my wheels. My dad used to drive through great big puddles to entertain us with the water arcing up high and slamming down on the car windows. 

I had a lot of fun with my dad when I was small, we used to go out for long walks and somehow we would always end up soaking wet and covered in mud even if it wasn't raining! I miss that kind of play, I think I may have to designate some clothes for getting wet and muddy in, and in fact next time there is an opportunity for getting wet and muddy I think I will go with it and perhaps that childhood pleasure will come right back into my life. 

I believe we are supposed to play, I believe that as we grow up if we pay too much attention to what our 'superiors' and the government are saying we ought to do, it is possible to forget that a big part of having a physical experience is about playing. If we spend too much time working so that all the eventualities are covered, making sure we have enough money so we can pay taxes and have the shiniest car, we may just miss the main event; the pleasure of the simple things in life! 

Here right in front of us for more than half the year mother nature is offering us opportunities to play, in our gardens in the streets and in the fields.

I Give Great Thanks for the rain, I love the rain, I love the way the pavement smells just as the rain begins to fall, it's an earthy smell. I love the way the rain sounds, I find it soothing, I love to wake in the middle of the night to hear the rain falling heavily outside. I also love the excitement of thunder and lightning, where I lived as a child it seemed to happen a lot, I used to love being in the conservatory listening to the thunder and then counting the time until the lightening (or was it the other way around) to find out how far away the storm is. 

I remember when my eldest child (who is now fourteen) was a baby we lived in a caravan on the top of a hill and one night there was a storm and the thunder was so close and so loud that with a huge crash and bang it actually shook things off the shelves! It was very exciting! 

My life at the moment is about seeking out the pleasure in everything and learning to love, I feel very lucky to have the privilege of giving myself time to really open my eyes and see the wonderful beauty of the world right now, right here in my own back garden! 

So, Today I Have Loving Gratitude for the simple things in life
I Have Loving Gratitude for rain of all kinds; heavy, light, torrential however it comes!
I Have Loving Gratitude for all the clouds in the sky
I Have Loving Gratitude for puddles big and small
I Have Loving Gratitude for water in all its forms
I Have Loving Gratitude for ice and snow
I Have Loving Gratitude for swimming pools and rivers 
I Have Loving Gratitude for the oceans
I Have Loving Gratitude for play
I Have Loving Gratitude for waking up to the simple beauty of the world

love Klara. 

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