Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Rampage Of Appreciation For The Healing Powers Of My Body!


Today I have some unusual symptoms for someone so healthy, and I would like to recover as quickly as possible as I have an important appointment on thursday. I have spent a lot of today smiling and laughing and telling myself that I recover very quickly from the symptoms of illnesses. 

I have always remembered an old friend of mine talking about being ill and how he simply would not tolerate it! At the onset of symptoms he would give himself a stern talking to and insist that the ailment must be gone by the following morning, and it usually was! 

I am, of course, a very strong believer that the mind and body are intrinsically linked, and on this occasion I am curious to know why I have manifested illness, although it seems most likely to me that it is due to my reluctance to attend said meeting on thursday which I am also keen to attend! What a contradiction, what confusion! No wonder my body has been struck by some symptoms! I am in a quandary and my body in response has offered me a get out clause! 

However I know that in the long run the best thing for me would be to attend the appointment, so I need to start aligning my whole self with the acceptance that I shall be brave and go to the ball (on thursday), and once that is done I can concentrate on getting well super fast. 

Part of my plan for getting well super fast is to show my body some extreme appreciation for how wonderfully well it heals and I am going to do that now with a Rampage of Appreciation for The Healing Powers of My Body.....

I give thanks for the amazing restorative powers of my body, I give thanks for my immune system, I love my immune system, I am so grateful that my immune system works so wonderfully well.

I give thanks for all my cells, tissues and organs  which are working together to protect my body, I am so grateful for my white blood cells which are working to heal my body, I love my spleen, thymus and bone marrow which produce and store my white blood cells, I love all the lymphoid tissue which produces all the wonderful white blood cells, hooray for the lymphoid system!

I give thanks for my fantastic immune system, I am so grateful for all my phagocytes which destroy all the invading organisms, I love my phagocytes!

I have great gratitude for all the antibodies which are being produced in my body to fight the invading organisms and neutralise the toxins which have been making me feel unwell.

I give great thanks for the immunity which I was born with and I have great gratitude for that which was passed on to me by my mother through her milk. I also give thanks for the immunity which has developed in my body over the course of my life, I love my body, I love my immune system.

I give thanks that My Body is so good at fighting infections, I am so grateful that I am rarely ill for very long, I love how strong and resilient my body is, I love my body, I love my blood and my bones. 

Thank you body for supporting me so well when I have been unwell, I love what a wonderful body I have, I feel blessed to have such a powerful, healthy, strong, supple, magnificent body! Thank you thank you thank you my wonderful body......

For me a big part of being happy is about gratitude and the most important thing that I can be grateful for is my life itself! Having the amazing good fortune to have a healthy body is something which I give thanks for every day, the blessing of a healthy body should not be underestimated. All too often I hear of people who have various ailments and they feel let down by their bodies, to me when I fall ill it is more that I have let my body down through my negative thought patterns, if indeed there has been any letting down at all! 

Our cells respond to what we think and say and what others say to us, it is of paramount importance that we give love to ourselves, whether or not we feel that we are all that we were hoping to be, I believe that in appreciating what we have we are making the very most and the very best of what we have in life. 

A healthy body is a true blessing and is closely accompanied by a healthy mind. 

Our bodies are mostly water, love love love love love your body x

love Klara. 

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