Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Beauty of Disappointment!

Good Morning

Today I have an opportunity to practice dealing with disappointment in a positive way, and I don't mean by shouting hooray an anticlimax, yippeee I have been let down, although that might be an interesting experience! I wonder how it would be to celebrate the things which are seemingly disappointing? After all in the grand sceme of things maybe something not working out the way I had planned or hoped for is actually for the best and is therefore a     

                         Beautiful thing?

When things don't happen the way I planned I am well practised at feeling let down, I have had plenty of opportunity in my life to experiment with low, negative, miserable feelings when things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to! Suddenly it strikes me now as being a simple mistake to make! 

Imagine if I believed that every time something doesn't go according to plan or I apparently miss out on something I thought I wanted, that it was a good thing, a sort of divine intervention in my life? In that case it would be something to celebrate, the mantra would be simple; 'Oh really? there is something better and more suitable coming my way? How exciting!'.

It seems to me now that disappointment could be a learnt habit, a product of growing up watching people, who were not aware that the divine had something more appropriate planned for them, reacting to so called 'disappointments'; it would only be natural in that case to think that not getting what one had envisaged was undesirable, a bad thing! 

I am really starting to enjoy the fact that my plans have been altered for me by the Universe, perhaps the stars are not in the right place for it to happen today, maybe there is another more appropriate day for them to happen, maybe even something truly undesirable has been averted? Who knows? God.

I wrote a post recently about Faith, more specifically about using faith to hold onto future visions of things that I would like to experience. I can see now that developing a sense of faith and trust is something which will serve me in many more ways than I first imagined. The understanding that not getting that which I thought was the right and the best thing for me as being a great thing, an advantage even,  is an act of faith, faith and trust that the Divine, God, Source, Spirit, or whatever I feel to call it has a plan for me, or even knows better than I do what is the right thing for me. 

This is a puzzling area for me, I do not so much believe that God is some white bearded, rosy cheeked chap who sits around all day on a cloud making notes for later about what would be good for so and so......
In fact I believe that the Divine does not judge.....

I have heard however that there are other beings out there, Angels perhaps, working for my best interests, I believe in the Great Mystery of life, there is so much that we do not know.......

Why err on the negative? After all beliefs are choices, I can choose whether to believe in the Divine or not - nobody can give me conclusive proof either way - therefor that belief is entirely my choice! 
In my experience it is entirely up to me to choose whether I think that everything will work out for the best or for the worst, and for sure I know which one feels the best. 

Why waste time choosing to believe things which don't feel good? There is absolutely no point! Just like choosing to think good feeling thoughts, I choose to think that not getting what I thought was good for me is something to celebrate; indeed I now say 'Hooray something better is coming my way!'

Our brains are so powerful, within them lies our freedom to do, be, and think exactly what we like, and nothing can ever take away my freedom of thought.....

Today I am thankful for my freedom to choose my thoughts
I am thankful for my plans being changed by the Universe
I am thankful for the angels and other beings who help to keep me safe
I am thankful for the joy of faith
I am thankful for all the rainbows of the last few rainy days
I am thankful for all the lights at the ends of all the tunnels
I am thankful for sunshine
I am thankful for laughter
I am thankful for the joy of a good book
I am thankful for the fun of watching a really uplifting film

love Klara.

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