Monday, 9 April 2012

Finding A Way To Feel Good.


Some days I really need help and reminders in order to keep moving forward on my mission to feel great! 
Today I need to work with moving from unharmonious thoughts to joyful blissful ones. 

There is a Bliss Wave out there which we can all ride if we so choose, but how do I get on it from here? I feel in total opposition to the Bliss Wave. In fact that thought reminds me of dreams which I sometimes have, where I need to move quickly either to avoid some calamity or to avert another, and I find that my legs are leaden, I can hardly move, I used to think it was like wading through black treacle or molasses, I am never completely immobilised in those dreams, and somehow that makes it all the more frustrating. 

Those dreams seem to me now to be rather akin to standing mid stream of the Bliss Wave, which I believe we all do simply by being manifest in physical form, and doing my best to resist it and walk stubbornly in the opposite direction, with the obvious results of feeling terrible!

So how do I change my point of viewing of my life? What is the easiest way of moving from bad feeling thoughts to good feeling thoughts?
Today I am using the Abraham - Hicks method of using my emotional guidance system to move upwards through my feelings in order to stop resisting the flow of well being and effectively make an about turn and eventually leap back onto the Bliss Wave, so here I am surf board at the ready, where do I start? 

I start by looking at how I feel and what I am currently thinking about and asking the question "can I see a glimmer of hope anywhere?" 

Finding better feeling thoughts is paramount to shifting a mood from miserable to uplifted and relaxed, I find videos like this one very useful because they remind me of how easy it can be to move from unharmonious feelings to healthy ones. I quite often watch videos like this one a few times, and always at least once without the sound - I often find the music people choose for this kind of film emotive and sometimes unhelpful when shifting a mood. 

"That better feeling place is always waiting for me" - For me this is one of the most inspirational quotes, to me it says, that feeling good is a place, and it is here now, I can simply step into it using the power of my mind. This reminds me of the film Labyrinth, while the young woman is finding her way she comes across two doors and has to choose between them for which way to go. The two doors I am faced with when I am choosing my focus are much more simple than those she had to face - one door is labelled 'Enter here to feel bad' and the other 'Enter here to feel good', I have the power to choose where I would dwell, it is all perfectly clear, and if I happen to find myself in the unharmonious part of the world I can simply CHOOSE to step back into the GOOD FEELING PLACE. 

"I know that I'll find my connection again soon" I know that I will, it will come back to me, the feelings of joy reside within me, they live in my heart and in the power of my mind, some days it is easier than others to find the doorway into the light, but knowing that I will find the way makes it a little easier. 

We are supposed to have a good time, life is supposed to be fun, joyful and worth living. We are powerful beings......

Today I am Grateful for inspirational videos
I am Grateful for Abraham
I am Grateful for the sun behind the clouds
I am Grateful for the love in my heart
I am Grateful for music and the way it makes me feel
I am Grateful for pictures which lift my soul and make me smile
I am Grateful for smell and taste and touch
I am Grateful for my cosy home
I am Grateful for the knowledge that the stars still sparkle in the day
I am Grateful for my children

love Klara. 

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