Sunday, 8 April 2012

Following Bliss.....


When the Universe seems to throw up one challenge after another, when it feels like everything is going badly, when the world frustrates and disappoints me, when I feel discouraged by all the responses to my efforts, is that the time to quit?

I am an advocate for shifting focus to something that feels good when things go badly, I believe that happiness is all in our focus, it dwells deep inside all of us, waiting for opportunities to be felt, experienced and enjoyed. So what does it mean when the very things which I feel passionate about, the very things which turn me on and fill me with joy appear to be the things which are also causing me the most amount of grief? Where do we go with that? 

Joseph Campbell very famously said "Follow Your Bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."

I think the thing to ask is, "am I following my bliss?" Am I doing the things which I truly feel passionate about? If the answer is yes, then I surely must be on the right path, so what is going wrong that I am experiencing such frustration? Perhaps that is simply the wrong question. Maybe the question I should be asking is, what is going right about following my passion? 

I have set out on the path of my passions several times, I shake myself up, I get the whole story moving and it begins to gather momentum, other people start to take notice and offer encouragement, it all begins to get exciting, and then bang! Something happens, or simply what I was hoping for doesn't happen and I get disheartened, I become despondent and some part of me gives up. I throw in the towel, I withdraw, I let my dream go and go back to the drawing board where I wait for new inspiration to come. I wait and wait, I lick my wounds and eventually my passion returns and guess what? My passion hasn't changed, I still love doing exactly what I loved doing before!!!!

My passion is my passion, I don't seem to be able to change that. So what is it that I need to do to be successful? STOP GIVING UP!  It's that simple. Each time I withdraw and give up it takes a little more effort of will to start again, but I have been on the cycle enough times to know now that my passion is my passion, so its time I simply got on with it! 

I am going to follow my bliss, this time I am going to keep trying and I am going to remember the lesson of before, perhaps it is true that the Universe really does throw up challenges to see how much I want it, or perhaps those challenges are simply there to uncover more aspects of my being which need healing. 

The real challenge is not following my bliss, that is the easy part, it is 
     to have faith in my talents and my passions
and learn to be steely against the disappointments which arise, to learn how to notice them without taking them on board, to learn how to shrug them off, keep following my passion and in the mean time focus on something beautiful and heartwarming and be enthralled by my own talents! 

We are all so blessed, I am so blessed with my talents and passions, I love who I am, I love the world, and I love being, so I give thanks and in doing so I look forward to my story blossoming like a long awaited Spring, for even after the darkest Winter the Springtime always comes.......

Today I Have Loving Gratitude for my talents
I Have Loving Gratitude for my amazing voice
I Have Loving Gratitude for my composing abilities
I Have Loving Gratitude for the light that shines from within me
I Have Loving Gratitude that I know what my passions are
I Have Loving Gratitude that I know that I really must follow my bliss
I Have Loving Gratitude for Joseph Campbell
I Have Loving Gratitude for the space and time I have each day to be creative
I Have Loving Gratitude for my supportive family
I Have Loving Gratitude for lemons!

love Klara. 

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  1. Nice post! Perhaps the word to notice is 'Follow' :) Happy Easter M x