Friday, 6 April 2012

Today I Feel Wonderful !


Today I feel wonderful! After a phone call, with my very inspiring friend who helped me to set off on my mission to open my heart to happiness, I sat down and thought for a long time about how to find my joie de vivre! Somehow and somewhere in the last weeks or two I had lost it, and my friend on returning from a fantastic holiday had come home looked at her life and was feeling rather disgruntled. What had happened to us?

I knew in my heart that it must be something very simple, something we had forgotten, and then it came to me - negative feelings are an end in themselves! I don't know quite how I could have forgotten this! They serve one purpose only, in my experience, they let me know that something I am doing or experiencing is unharmonious for me and my life's purpose. They are an indicator of a change that needs to be made, and that is all. 
Once I have identified whatever is causing the unharmonious feelings then it is time to set the change in motion. 

Negative feelings about the way things are are sometimes addictive for me, if I don't like what I am experiencing then it is easy for me to keep noticing what I don't like rather than thinking of what I would like to replace it with, and focusing in on that. Unharmonious thoughts serve no other purpose, there is nothing whatsoever to be gained from them other than the honing of preferences, and as thoughts recreate themselves in their own likeness, it is important to move away from them quickly. 

Sometimes I find it easy to shift out of unharmonious thought patterns and sometimes it can seem like a real struggle, those are the times when I need to exercise my Will, for me that means focusing in on something I really love, and continuing to do so until it becomes easy, until it becomes my orientation and the negativity is forgotten or just moved into the place of things which need addressing or changing. 

Of course my joie de vivre was missing,I was forgetting to Choose happiness, I was forgetting to Choose what I would love as my primary focus, and there I was allowing unharmonious thoughts to dominate my world view!

When I exercised my will and chose to focus in on something harmonious feeling, another thought came to me! It was a magical thought which contained the whole essence of forgiveness, I wish that I could describe it here but it somehow eludes me! The closest I can get to it is that I have been thinking a lot about forgiveness and trying to understand how it works, essentially how does one forgive? And there it was, like a flash! It is so simple: forgive

I looked up the etymological meaning of forgive and there it was! "give, grant, allow, give up" this struck the right chord in me: the time to let go and give up holding onto the past has arrived! Now is the time, what time is it? It is now! Allow the past to simply be! Give up judging the past, grant forgiveness!

Today I feel a wonderful freedom! I simply feel now! I had allowed myself to continue to feel things which were then while I am now! I gave them up. Now I really am now, unhindered and everything feels fresh, I feel fresh and everyone around me does too!

I expect to continue to be challenged by life and to experience things for which I need to find forgiveness, but as I know better I do better and I am now looking forward to my day, feeling as fresh as a new daisy opened up for the first time surrounded by a world full of other new daisies! 

Today I am Thankful for forgiveness
I am Thankful for sunshine
I am Thankful for little fluffy clouds
I am Thankful for inspirational communications
I am Thankful for love
I am Thankful for giving
I am Thankful for allowing
I am Thankful for bees
I am Thankful for kisses
I am Thankful for sharing

love Klara.

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