Sunday, 15 April 2012

Without Judgement I Am Free!


What a beautiful morning! The beauty of the world astounds me, since I have learnt to hush my mind my eyes have become clearer and I am more able to actually see the natural beauty which surrounds me. Of course it has been there all the time, but while my mind was occupied inwardly I was unable to fully concentrate upon and appreciate the glory of nature.

I am struck every day by the ever changing scenery which the clouds and the sky creates, a magical ever expanding world of colour and light continuously performing shape shifting miracles before my eyes! I am amazed by the array of colours in the clouds alone; I used to think that clouds were simply grey, but that was before I could really see! Now I see the most astonishing adornment of colours on the darkest of days; grey becomes oranges,pinks, purples, blues and greens, the linings are silvery gold and sparkling magnificently in a glorious pronouncement of fantastical joy!

I am awake to the beauty of the world! I have always loved the natural world, but until now it was a different kind of love, it was more like a warm and loving friend to me, I would escape to the country side when the human world became too much for me, in the arms of nature I could breathe!
Now, even though nature is still my ally and my refuge when I need quiet, it is a different kind of refuge and I don't have to be away from the human world to appreciate it, in the middle of a busy town I can be drawn into the stunning magical living magnificence of the tiniest little wild flower growing between the cracks in a pavement or wall.

            Nature is abundant, persistent and resilient! 

I wonder how much more of the world I will be able to appreciate now? I used to walk around with an air of judgement, if I saw litter in a beautiful place I would be incensed, offended by its presence and the human who had been careless enough to leave it there! Now I simply see the item, it has ceased to offend me, without judgement it is just an object and if it feels out of place and will fit in my pocket then I just go ahead and take it home. I am free without judgement! 

            Judgement is just a string of thoughts after all! 

I wonder now how much of life is going to be easier, calmer and more enjoyable without those long, sometimes endless streams of thoughts, like judgement? Again I am questioning the true purpose of thought? Of course judgement is an essential part of life and discernment, it helps me to decide where, when and who it is harmonious for me to be around, it is only when it is left unchecked that it affects my enjoyment of the world. Or is it just a problem when I am judging my judgement........

It makes sense to me now that thoughts are here to help create what we would like to experience in our human voyage, seeing it in the mind first helps to refine exactly what it is we would like to encounter and behold. If I spent my whole life thinking on that which I did not desire what a waste of my precious human life it would be!

So here I am savouring every little moment that I can, learning as much as I can so that my life can be rich, worthwhile and magnificent!

Today I am thankful for the cracks in  the pavement!
 I am thankful for pioneering plants 
 I am thankful for the dispersal of seeds by the wind and the birds so that they grow in the most extraordinary places!
 I am thankful for all the tiny flowers and their intricate parts
 I am thankful for the vibrant life which bursts forth everywhere that there is light
 I am thankful for dark skies
 I am thankful for light skies
 I am thankful for any skies at all
 I am thankful for my eyes
 I am thankful for the indescribable beauty of the world

love Klara.

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