Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed!


I am so tired that I only have one eye open! I read recently that tiredness is an emotional state, because we are made up of energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed, how can we be low on energy? I'm sure there are all sorts of answers like being hungry or needing to recharge, but it does seem like a good point. Why do we get tired?
I am also aware of people who are breatharians; people who don't eat! This seems incredible to me, I love to eat, both for the taste and the fullness which it brings to me, also I experience big dips in my energy when I have not eaten for some time, I could never be a breatharian, simply because eating is one of the things which enriches my life, I love to eat, I love the exploration into taste sensations, I love trying new foods, and I love all my old favourites too! 

So If we are made of energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, why do we need to sleep? I can totally see how tiredness can be an emotional state, what with everything which goes on during the day, all the information which an average day bombards me with, I find it no big surprise that I need to shut down for a while, not only to digest all that information, but also just to have a break from it all. Of course tiredness is an emotional state! It sounds funny now! Sleep is a rest from the fullness of the world. 

What  silly subject for a blog post about choosing thoughts! Or is it? I have both eyes open now, and I feel much less tired than I did when I started writing, why is that? Partly I think it is because writing this has brought me relief from the stale feeling I had about writing which was translating itself into my body as tiredness, and partly it seems likely that making myself laugh lifted the 'tired' feeling further out of my body. 

Our bodies are absolutely subject to our thoughts, it is never just my mind that is affected by the way I am feeling, and I am sure that the physical manifestation of tiredness is no exception. I remember reading about an experiment where a researcher talked to a room full of people and was able to suggest tiredness to the respondents and most of them began to yawn, and on suggesting itching they all began to scratch! 

My body has always very obviously shown its reactions to my thoughts, as a little girl when my mother used to go away for a couple of days I would be physically sick because I wished her to stay, and I would even fall ill if she had not told me that she was going! 

My body is my temple for my soul, I want the thoughts which I am thinking to be beneficial to my wellbeing in its entirety, when I think of misery gloom and doom it should come as no great surprise if my body responds by manifesting some sort of sickness or at the very least I might stub my toe!

Learning to think continuously of better and better feeling thoughts is paramount to good health, our bodies are full of signs to let us know whether we are on the right track or not, if my body is feeling unwell or tired something is up, perhaps there is something I need to do, like sleep, or perhaps I simply need to shift my thoughts into a place of better feeling thoughts.

I like the saying 'You are what You eat!' but I think I prefer 'You are what You think!' I feel a whole lot better than I did when I started writing, I felt like I could hardly sit up and one eye was shut, about half way through my other eye opened up again, and now I feel pretty good, both eyes are fully open and I don't feel tired at all, in fact I feel very positive! I had been struggling for a few hours with my thoughts, I don't really know why, I know it was brought on by a particularly negative thought train, which once started was very hard to stop. In fact that thought train was so hard to stop that try as I might I couldn't even just replace it with a different one, I guess it was probably one which needs some healing! 
A sticky thought. 
What do I do with sticky thoughts? I keep trying until I find the solution to shifting them, I don't give up or give in to them, I am interested in growing; upwards and outwards, I am here to expand, and I don't mean my waistline! I plan to be the best that I can be, I plan to become the best I can possibly become and that begins with thinking happy thoughts.......

Today I am Thankful for my lovely generous friends
I am Thankful for tiredness for showing me I need to change something
I am Thankful for blustery windy days
I am Thankful for the water which quenches my thirst
I am Thankful for my blog for helping me to shift my mood
I am Thankful for the fun of driving my camper van
I am Thankful for the feeling of the wind in my hair when I run down hills 
I am Thankful for the days when I do archery even if I only have a very short go
I am Thankful for my bow and arrows
I am Thankful that I am learning to relax and go with the flow

love Klara. 

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