Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Thinking Up!


Today I am on a mission to find ways of moving from unharmonious feeling thoughts to harmonious and joyful ones, I think that I would find it useful to have a list of phrases to facilitate me in remembering just how to start moving from one thought place up to the next and so on. When I am in a stubborn grumpy mood, one of the things I find most difficult is actually thinking up that better feeling thought, my mind goes blank, it says things like "there are no better feeling thoughts, everything is terrible, life is rubbish, etc...."

This morning one of my daughters said to me that she was feeling grumpy and that she wanted me to help her find better feeling thoughts, I felt very proud of her, how wonderful at ten years old to realise that she need not feel unhappy, and that it is as simple as thinking up something else to focus on! We talked about what our favourite puddings are, and she moved very quickly into a good mood and the bad feeling mood was completely forgotten. 

I'm pretty sure that thinking of puddings probably won't do it so well for me, although I shall not rule out trying it! 
So my intention today is to find a list of phrases to help me shift my thought focus, and when I'm done I shall write them out and put them on my wall so that I can refer to them whenever I need help.

I am a worthy being, I could not be more loved, more adored or more understood, that is just the way that life is, that is how the Universe feels about me.

Where ever I am in my life right now is good, where ever I am is appropriate, there is no inappropriate place to be.

These feelings are temporary, I usually feel great, I am a happy joyful person!

There is a solution to every problem, it is my challenge to find it! I will work it out! I have a wonderful brain, and a fantastic imagination, this problem is an opportunity for me to use it!

I need not take this feeling seriously, everything passes.

Now is the only moment which exists!

I am doing extremely well. 

When I become comfortable with uncertainty endless possibilities will open up in my life. 

Happiness is in my heart waiting for me to activate it.

What am I grateful for?

When I feel good I am connected to God, Source, Spirit, Divine Oneness, when I feel bad I am disconnected. 

I know I will find good feeling thoughts soon. 

I am laughing now because I am finding it quite hard to think up phrases! It matters not what I think about, it only matters to me the way it makes me feel, focusing on thoughts which have accompanying feelings which are unharmonious is not where I want to be, but when I find myself there I am not going to berate myself, I am simply going to do everything I can to shift my focus to a good feeling place. 

For me the simplest way to good feeling thoughts has to be through Gratitude, What am I Grateful for? is the question I am quite often tempted to have tattooed about my person somewhere! Gratitude is the most direct route to Good Feeling Thoughts that I know of....

Today I am Grateful for my beautiful children
I am Grateful for my children's smiles
I am Grateful for my children's laughter
I am Grateful for all the things children have taught me about life
I am Grateful that my children chose me to be their mum
I am Grateful for my cats
I am Grateful that my cats come to my side when I need comfort
I am Grateful for all the hilarious things my cats do
I am Grateful for the softness of my cats fur
I am Grateful for all the animal companions I have had in my life so far

love Klara. 

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