Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nourishing The Seeds Of Love


It is raining today, at last! I love the rain and when it has not rained for so long it feels so refreshing - the air tastes different and the ground smells sweet again, and although the sky is grey it is a greyness edged with purple and blue and the world feels as if it is expanding.....

I particularly love the feeing in the air after a really heavy or prolonged down-poor, I love how it awakens the earth and new life grows forth from the deluge. This is a phenomenon that occurs all over the world, when I visited my sister, Pollyanna Darling, in Northern Queensland in Australia it had not rained for something like nine years where she was living, and with our arrival (rather ironically I thought) came ten days of non-stop rain. The land was reddy brown and dry when we arrived and it blossomed into a beautiful array of colour and bounteous growth. 

I find this cycle that is present throughout the world both interesting and intriguing, the seeds of life and beauty lie dormant in the land waiting for the spark of life, all they need is an opportunity to grow into a multitude of delightful verdant, vibrant inflorescences. 
I think humans are exactly the same, I believe we all contain the seeds of happiness, love, compassion, forgiveness, peace and wisdom, and that those seeds lie dormant waiting for nourishment to be poured over them, and when it does they will spring forth and fill our lives with beauty and joy. 

I also believe that we ourselves have the power to activate those seeds, all we need is the desire to be all that we can be, to shake up our foundations a little or a lot, and those seeds will germinate and who knows what will happen next?

I have been experiencing this phenomenon, since I began choosing happiness I began also to nourish those seeds of love and inspiration and so much more within myself, life is blossoming for me. My days are not always how I would like them to be - I like to imagine that every day could be like a wonderfully wild curly haired maiden, her heart bursting with freedom and love, skipping through a meadow full of flowers singing her heart out to the glorious sunshiny world - (I am a romantic, incase that wasn't already obvious).
I have been experiencing many days when I feel wild and free, open and of generous spirit, but I also do have days when things feel a bit flat, perhaps I am tired, or something has overwhelmed me; and those are the days when the seeds and the saplings need to be nourished. 

On those days I must nourish myself, pour love, understanding and encouragement on my new growth, it is not always easy choosing happiness, choosing forgiveness, choosing love and choosing peace, but what I am certain of is that it is a choice. We do have a choice about what we think about and what we think about drives the way we feel.

If I feel rubbish I need to nourish my seeds, and I can do this by treating my body and my mind with extra care, the care and attention that I would devote to a growing child. I could prepare food for myself that I love, pour myself a warm bath, read a delicious novel, or focus on the things I love the most in life. 
I also like to find inspirational writings when I am stuck, so many people have gone before me on this path, and I find their help invaluable, sometimes just a few words can move so much within me.......

Today I have Loving Gratitude for the seeds of new growth
 I have Loving Gratitude for the nourishing rains
 I have Loving Gratitude for the power to choose what I think about
 I have Loving Gratitude for the lessons of the Earth
 I have Loving Gratitude for rainy days
 I have Loving Gratitude for the keepers of the garden
 I have Loving Gratitude for my fingers
 I have Loving Gratitude for my toes
 I have Loving Gratitude for my children
 I have Loving Gratitude for the simplicity of life

love Klara. 

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