Sunday, 8 April 2012

Faith and Trust!


Today I have been thinking about what the secret might be to keeping our dreams alive?

I, like most people I am sure, have dreams of what I would like to achieve and experience in my life, and while those dreams are not manifest so that I can feel and touch them, I often have a job to hold on to them. 
If I knew for sure that my dreams would become manifest, I am certain that I would be able to retain my enthusiasm for what is to come, but being an ordinary mortal, and a doubter at that, in this moment I feel that I have no proof that dreams really do become manifest! 

I have read in so many places that we create our reality with our beliefs and our visions, and that I do not doubt, where I struggle is with the waiting! I know, I'm not supposed to be waiting! I am laughing while I write this because here I am, an enthusiastic advocate of being in the now, and I am troubling about the future! Yes ok, of course being in the now is wonderful, but I would like also to have some say at least in the way my future is shaped! 

Anyway, that is a tangent, because this post is a question of how to stay on board my flight of enthusiasm to the rosy future which I envisage for myself. 
Some days are simply ordinary, or so it seems to me today! Today is feeling rather ordinary, there is not a lot going on, my resources for doing are otherwise engaged in future plans, plus it is rather cold so going out is not an enticing option. So here I am in the house, tripping over our children, who are 'bored' ! Where is my enthusiasm, my joie de vivre?

Ah yes, of course, it is a matter of faith and imagination! Faith: belief that is not based on proof! 

So I have my dream, when I think of myself in my vision of the future, where I will be living, the colour of the trees, the sky, the woods near to my home, the smell of the breeze, the warm glow in the fireplace. When I think of my achievements; a beautiful shining book finished, other people enjoying my literary creation, being able to help others with my discoveries about how to find happiness and stay there,
When I think of these visions which I am holding for my future, that is where the enthusiasm lies, there is my joie de vivre, literally in that which is to come. 

So how do I know it is to come? Well, I don't know, but I have faith! Faith like happiness is just a simple choice! What is the alternative to faith? Uncertainty, disbelief? How do they feel? Pretty awful actually, uncertainty is not an emotion which I enjoy feeling, so really I can see nothing whatsoever to be gained by languishing there! 

So here I am again, I have been experiencing yet another subtle trick of the mind, my disbelief serves no purpose whatsoever other than to bring me down! It does not protect me from anything real, perhaps I might think that if I don't really believe it, I can't be disappointed if it doesn't happen, so disbelief and uncertainty are to save me from disappointment, hmmmm one negative emotion to protect me from another! 

And if it does happen? If I keep my faith, and keep my vision of the future strong, if I hold it close to my heart, if I light the inner fire of enthusiasm and joy for the deliciousness of my future vision and that leads to its happening and becoming manifest in my reality??? While I hold the vision with faith I feel wonderful, when I stop I feel despondent, so what exactly the point of stopping? There is no point! 

Feeling wonderful is my ultimate objective, the point and purpose of my future vision is simply that I believe experiencing it will feel wonderful, so what I truly desire is the feeling of wonderfulness. My truest desire is to feel wonderful and that is all. How I get there is surely up to me! 

I am a spiritual being having a human experience, I love to feel wonderful, my mind is the magnificent tool which I have to use for my own special purpose, I can use my mind to feel great, or I can allow it to use me and feel dreadful. 

So here it is, I have found again the secret, my secret for keeping my dreams alive! 

Today I am Thankful for the spicy variety of life
I am Thankful for the sun rising each day with the newness of possibility
I am Thankful for faith and trust
I am Thankful for surprises
I am Thankful for moonbeams through the clouds
I am Thankful for the sharing of wise words
I am Thankful for the white horses of foam on the sea
I am Thankful for my baby's favourite hilarious expression
I am Thankful for apples
I am Thankful for the freshness of love

love Klara.

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