Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hooray for the Great Mystery!


It comes as no great surprise to me that in this modern western world it can be so hard to have and maintain faith and trust in things which we cannot see. 
I remember when I was a little girl always seeming to need to 'prove' myself, somehow the humans I grew up experiencing needed proof of everything. The great mystery of life seemed to constantly be being discarded in favour of that which we can touch, taste, smell, see or hear. Scientists want proof, teachers, lawyers, doctors and laymen all want proof!

I remember quite clearly as a little girl talking with beings which other people could not see; I used to play in my garden for hours with beings which might now be labelled as fairies, I don't remember them having a shape, or appearance to the eyes, just that they were there adding to the game, or showing me things which I might not have noticed otherwise, and they were good company, easy peaceful joyful beings which enhanced my play experiences. 

All the magical things which I, and I am pretty certain many other children, could perceive were gradually talked and 'proved' out of me by teachers and other doubting adults. There seemed to be some sort of perception that things which cannot be perceived by the ordinary senses, with an emphasis on sight, do not exist and are therefore a waste of time! 

The only magical thing that they could not take away from me was the very thing that we are made of, the magical spark which is life! I am so pleased that the mystery of life remains a mystery! Try as they might scientists are totally unable to define the spark which makes up life! 
Ok so they are pretty clear about how to kill things off, separating the magical spark of life from the body it belonged to, but they are no closer than they were hundreds of years ago to 'creating' life!
A good job too!!!

When I walk out in the nature, and experience the spirits which reside there, in the moment I am amazed, which seems odd to me now, seeing as when I was a little girl those same beings seemed so ordinary, obvious even! I am amazed that I share my world with the unseen! and later when I go home and think about it again I often pass it off as 'imaginary', it is almost as if some confidence which I had in myself is missing to the point where I doubt my own experiences. 

No more! I love the Great Mystery of life, I love the experiences which I have that hold a spotlight for me on the 'unseen'! The world is stuffed full with people who 'believe' strongly and with total confidence in a God or Gods which they cannot perceive with the ordinary senses! It is written that miracles have happened in books in which people have complete trust in the credibility of! 
The word miracle is defined by the church as a marvellous event caused by God! 

  In that case the whole world is a miracle! 

I am a miracle, you are a miracle, life is a miracle, water, air, earth and fire are all miracles - marvellous events caused by God! If I or anyone else doubt my experiences with unseen beings or phenomenons, then we are doubting God and the whole World itself! 

It seems to me that modern humans find it incredibly difficult to live with uncertainty, so many people, in my experience so far, need to be absolutely certain that something is 'real' and 'true' before they will put their trust in it, even if they can see it working!!!

I am teaching myself to trust, I aspire to trusting in life, to trusting in God, Source, Divine Oneness, Spirit, or whatever I feel to call it at the time! What is life without Trust? Without trust in life there is only doubt and fear! 
I can trust that everything will turn out ok, I can trust that my dreams will come true, I can trust that life is supposed to be good and joyful, just think the alternative to trust and faith is worrying that everything will go wrong, allowing the mind to churn endlessly on all the terrible possibilities for calamity and disaster! How dull and utterly undesirable. 

                         FAITH VERSUS FEAR

                   That is what it comes down to in the end!

I know what I will choose now!!!! Here I am learning to be comfortable with uncertainty! No more fear please, such a destructive emotion! 

Hooray for faith, hooray for trust, hooray for love and light and joy! And of course even if my dreams never become manifest, if I have felt all the excitement for them as if they were already here, then I will have lived a life full of joyful, excited, happy, loving feelings, and that is what I am aiming for! 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for all the helpful beings I cannot see
I have Loving Gratitude for all the fun we had together when I was a little girl
I have Loving Gratitude for faith
I have Loving Gratitude for trust
I have Loving Gratitude for love
I have Loving Gratitude for God, Source, Divine Oneness
I have Loving Gratitude for the feelings which guide me
I have Loving Gratitude for the sweetness of the world
I have Loving Gratitude for the innocence we are born with
I have Loving Gratitude for all the unseen being which continue to help me

love Klara.

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