Thursday, 26 April 2012

You Have Got To Laugh!

Good Morning

Today I would like to find the joy in my lack of inspiration! I like to believe that it is possible to find joy in everything (ok there may be some exceptions out there for those of us who would like the option of remaining a sceptic!). 
So what can I do? Well for a start I can laugh, hooray today I am a blank canvas, anything could happen!

I remember when I was in my teens, my very best friend (who I am lucky enough to still be able to call that) and I used to laugh so hard and for so long that our faces would hurt, indeed we frequently had to leave the room in order to regain composure! I miss the intensity of that kind of laughter, and I seem to remember that it was entirely a momentary thing as any attempt to try to recreate the source of the laughter or explain it would pretty much always fail! 

Laughter is one of the greatest tools which we have been provided with as human beings for maintaining our own well being! Did you know that laughter reduces pain, strengthens the immune system and reduces stress? Well you do now! 

Occasionally when I need a lift I remember some of the things which have made me laugh hard in the past, I bring them to mind and I am happy to say that they are still funny now. 
Humour is an entirely personal thing, I still find my own jokes the funniest (!) and I also find that other people frequently don't get my sense of humour which sometimes makes things all the funnier!

So today I feel to share some things which have made me laugh, and to have A Rampage of Appreciation for Laughter.....

I love to laugh, I give great thanks for laughter, I am so thankful for the joy which laughter brings. 

I give great thanks for the healing which laughter brings me, I love how I feel when I have had a good laugh, I give thanks for the way my face aches when I have been laughing.

I have loving gratitude when I get the joke, I love it when laughter becomes infectious and people end up laughing at the laughing.....

I love the soothing nature of laughter, I am so grateful that I can laugh and I am so thankful that I have so much to laugh about. 

I give great Thanks for laughter, I give thanks also that I can always choose to laugh when things go wrong and I give great thanks whenever I am able to see the funny side of life.....

Thank you God, Source, Spirit, Divine Oneness for the Gift Of Laughter. 

love Klara.

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